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Old 03-21-2015, 12:50 PM
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Default Is This the Best Short TT Session Ever?

Hi TT lovers,

This week at Gordon Studio we're gearing up for "After Pictures" and some of my clients and I have been stalled when it comes to the scale. Then Craig sent me this on Monday:

10-Minute Metabolic Makeover Workout

1) Goblet Squat or Bodyweight Squat – 40 seconds + 20 seconds rest
2) Elevated Pushup – 20 seconds per side + 20 seconds rest
3) Split Squat or Bulgarian Split Squat – 40 seconds per side + 20 seconds rest
4) DB Row – 40 seconds per side + 20 seconds rest
5) Total Body Extension – 60 seconds
6) Cross Body Mountain Climber (alternating) – 40 seconds + 20 seconds rest
7) Jumping Jacks – 60 seconds
8) Rocking Plank + Plank Hold – 60 seconds
- Do that circuit once.

If you’re looking to gain muscle and get a ripped beach body, you can do the circuit twice. But if you just want to boost your metabolism and lose weight, once is enough, especially when you use the following eating and sleeping tips. (End of Craig's part)

We did it on Monday and Friday with great feedback and results. I got a "whoosh" loss of almost 4 pounds this week, and Stephanie J., who has already lost 15 pounds with TT to prepare for her wedding, lost 2 pounds this week.

This TT session challenged everyone to the max and they loved it: Especially when it was over!
We performed it twice, and just managed to finish in 30 minutes: including our warm up and final stretch.

Try it!

I call it a Metabolic Breakthrough
Fitness is Freedom.
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