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Old 02-28-2015, 08:33 AM
Mike L Mike L is offline
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Default Go Hard Get Lean 4 x 40 review

Workout Title: Go Hard Get Lean (Feb 2015)

Ranking Out of 10: 9.5 - Challenging Program with Meathead elements.

Your age (range) and gender: 32 Male

Your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced): interadvanced -

Personal limitations (e.g., injury, equipment, limited schedule, etc.) none

Workout Positives:
-Has all of the Meathead lifts mixed with various assistance exercises and in a meaningful, short workout.
-Challenging Circuits(Power abs is insane), drop sets, TuT, along with your usual Meathead Supersets will kill any type of workout boredom.
-Can be done easily in a basement gym (I have a basement gym)
-Workout 4 will give you a great pump

Workout Negatives:
-I had trouble with my lats and teres major? recovering from Day 1's 15 rep rows straight to Day 2's pulls/chins/inverted rows, to the Pulling in Workout 3. When it came time to do the power abs circuit, I had a hard time holding myself up for the prescribed time due to the back/shoulder fatigue. I suspect this is probably more of a Me problem than a workout problem, though. Maybe I needed some more quality carbs to aid the recovery or a deload week prior.

Exercise Substitutions/Changes Used: I don't have KB's so I used DB's for swings.

Who Would You Recommend This Workout To:

This would be for someone who'd like to lean out without losing strength and maybe add some muscle and for someone who'd like to challenge themselves. Also for someone looking for a 4-day program that doesn't take up a ton of time.

TT Workout Done Prior to This: Meatheads 5

TT Workout to be Done Next: Most likely Meatheads 10 x 10

Other Comments: This was an enjoyable 4 weeks. I never had a feeling of dread before doing any workout. Like everyone else has said, the power abs is extremely hard and took me 3 weeks before I could complete it as prescribed. But hey, It was a great test, and a workout shouldn't be a piece of cake.
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