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Old 07-31-2013, 05:41 AM
Craig Ballantyne's Avatar
Craig Ballantyne Craig Ballantyne is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Default Final Day!

This is my FINAL entry for this Transformation Contest. It's been a great run.

I've realized:

A) I still spend too much money impulsively. It's not a lot, but that is a subjective designation, I suppose. It's mostly on food. I might start a food budget. I've never used one. Ever. Then again, that could be a waste of my time and mental effort. On the other hand, it could turn into a nice free report. We'll see.

(I also STILL buy too many books...and we won't even discuss the pile of magazines that I subscribe to but am 2 months behind on reading.)

B) I am very happy without stuff. I don't own very much (no car, no house, just one bike - on the farm, nothing here in Toronto since my last one got stolen a year ago). I already knew this, but it's been reinforced over the last 3 months.

C) Big wins:
- getting rid of cable
- getting a better rate on my cellphone data plan (which I abuse when I travel)
- saving some money on travel

D) Overspending
- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdid it in England on that leg of the trip...but that was all planned before my "$$$ Transformation". And you know what, it was easily the WORST part of the trip. Too much indulgence. I don't enjoy it for more than a day. And the overeating we did - Bleah.

E) Financials
- There have been more changes in the past three months than ever, because of the sale of TT to ETR.
- I've done some stuff with my money (very conservative investment moves), and that's still all getting wrapped up. The investment world is so insane these days, you don't know if it's going to the moon or going to fall off a cliff.
- Trophy Assets: This is the biggest mindset shift to come out of all of this...this is the foundation of what I will invest in...things that I would want to own for a decade or more.

So I will keep looking for the Trophy Asset of a house. I won't overpay. I won't rush in.

After all, there's no rush.

Hope you enjoyed this journaling...I'm going to find something else to keep track of in the 18th contest starting next month.

The BIGGEST benefit of this journaling?
- Increasing engagement in the TT Forum! We are on a roll. Can't wait to find time after the TT 2.0 release to start building up the TT Member's forum with more content, features, activity, and members.

That could be the next Transformation for me!

TT Business Expenses

Discretionary Spending
$75 - car to Airport for flight to Europe tonight...heading to Copenhagen's mall (I mean their ridiculous airport with more stores than most European shopping centers), then Vilnius, Lithuania...then we'll drive out to this little resort for the ... 4 days there, then fly to Helsinki, just for a night, then flying to Dubrovnik first thing in the morning, and driving up to Split, Croatia. A few days there of hiking with a a group of old and new friends, and then a flight to Frankfurt for an overnight stay before flying back to Toronto on Saturday, Aug 10th.

Money Saved today

$$$ Reading Material:

Make sure you read the Coaching questions here:
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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Old 07-31-2013, 08:29 AM
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PeterJankowski PeterJankowski is offline
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It's been a pleasure to read you journal Craig. Lots of great stuff and insights that challenged the way I think more than once.

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