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Old 02-25-2011, 12:58 PM
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Default TT helped me lose weigh I always thought I never could

I have been using TT programs since June 2010. I have also participated in TC #8 and had great results: lost fat and also improved my endurance and speed in running. In my “pre-TT time” I have run my best half-marathon time in May 2010 with time 1:47:25, but in October I improved it to 1:42:59. Can you believe it? In less than 5 months I improved my PR in half-marathon for 4 minutes and 26 seconds! No special running workouts, just adding TT to my usual three weekly runs.
After TC#8 I continued doing TT workouts, but my eating wasn't quite as clean as should be. But this had always been my problem. From September to end of December 2010 I completed “Booty for Wife” and “Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks” programs. I have missed 5 (out of 36) Booty for wife workouts in 12 weeks because either I was not at home or it was race that weekend, but I have done 2 Bootcamp workouts and one “5 round of madness” workout instead. In December I was more consistent with my workouts. I have not missed a single workout of Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks. Actually I have done it for five weeks and did all intervals and also some bodyweight circuit workouts (Crazy 8 and 360 fat burning circuit) when I missed my running due to bad weather (freezing cold and showing).
Four months of working out a lot but only little results. I asked my self why. TT programs are excellent for fat loss - I tried them out myself with great success - but there are also other things required in order for them to work. First reason for lack of my success was of course my mindless eating. It is sad but totally true when Craig says that you really out train a bad diet. TT programs are great. They have kept me from going back to old me. They have also prevented gaining lot of holiday weight. They could have done much more, if I would not sabotage myself with poor eating. Second thing that has hold me back was not using all the other things that my TT premium membership provides. Having good support system at home is very important, but support from members of TT forum is also. I had TT premium membership for months, but I just read others members posts, but never wrote anything. During this contest I discovered importance of it. By logging your daily nutrition and workouts you are accountable not just to your self but also to others. If you have any problems, there is always someone to give you advice. It’s like having another family. Despite of that we are all competing against each other, they are there for you when you need them. To help you with advice and to encourage you during rough times.
Another thing I changed or added was ESE fasts. I always thought that fasting was not healthy, that it would ruin my metabolism, that I would get even fatter and there is no chance that I could stick without food for 24 hours. I learned on TT members forum that all my beliefs about fasting were actually myths. It is the simplest method of creating calorie deficit. It is torture for me to eat tiny meals and to be in constant caloric deficit. Being hungry all the time just made me think about food all the time. Not very healthy behaviour. It so much easier to eat normal sized healthy meals when you eat and then once or twice a week stop eating after lunch and then eat lunch again on next day. I admit my stomach grumbles a bit occasionally when I fast, but it passes after few minutes. I never have any problems with low energy or low blood sugar as I always thought I would have. It had helped me learn what true hunger feels like. Sometimes we think that we are hungry, but actually we are just thirsty, bored or we eat because it is time to eat or is food in front of us. Not really right reasons to eat aren’t they? ESE fasts combined with TT workouts it is helping me to lose fat that it is on me for many years - actually as long as I can remember. Something that I never thought it could be done.
During first 6 weeks of TC #10 I used TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 for first four weeks and then continued with TT Clash of the Titans programs.
I haven’t loss a lot of weight - in numbers - but in 6 weeks of this contest I have lost almost 4 % of my initial body weight and more than 2 % of body fat. Investment into TT platinum membership is the best investment I have ever made. Thank you Craig for your fantastic programs and TT members forum! Thanks to all TT forum members - you are the greatest!

My 6 weeks results:
start date: January 2nd 2011
end date: February 12th 2011
age: 35 years
height: 170 cm
weight: 60,9 kg ->58,5 kg ... -2,4 kg
BF % (my bathroom scale): 22,9 % -> 20,7 % … -2,2 %
waist at belly button: 74 cm -> 73 cm ... -1 cm
waist at hip bone: 82 cm -> 82 cm ... no change
hips (widest): 96 cm -> 93,5 cm ... -2,5 cm
thighs (widest - L/R): 55 cm/56 cm -> 53 cm/53,5 cm ... -2 cm/-2,5 cm
thighs (middle - L/R): 50 cm/50 cm -> 48.5 cm/49 cm ... -1,5 cm/-1 cm
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