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Old 08-03-2013, 09:51 AM
lily_thocon lily_thocon is offline
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Default exercise

I'm considering between aerobic exercise and resistance training + interval training. I tried my best to do resistance training + interval training as you mentioned with the belief that they will help me to lose weight but no result has happened. Last week, I saw my friend with perfect body , she lost 10kg . She told me that aerobic exercise is her secret. Anyone can explain the diffence? I'm so confused.
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Old 08-03-2013, 04:35 PM
duckman duckman is offline
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"Aerobic Exercise" refers to exercise that uses the aerobic pathway to produce ATP for the energy production required for that particular activity. Usually associated with steady state activities but could include walking, jogging on treadmill, zumba, step classes and so forth. If it was the "secret" to weight loss then all the people you see walking on the treadmill would be trim. No matter what approach one takes, in the final analysis you must burn more calories than consumed to have weight loss. In my estimation it takes quite a bit of exercise effort to burn off 300 - 500 calories in a workout, so not eating to many calories is most important. Craig's video on YouTube titled "Diet vs. Exercise" drives home this point. I took a quick look at some of your earlier posts. Have you been able to modify your "cheat days? Can you eliminate the oils in your diet (Canola oil, Olive oil and all vegetable oils are basically a lot of fat calories with no other real nutrient benefit). Avoid/eliminate deserts/sugar/colas. It has been stated many times on the forums here that your nutrition has a far greater impact on your weight loss that your particular exercise program.
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