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Old 02-25-2015, 06:20 AM
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Default TT Go Hard Get Lean Review

Workout Title: Go Hard Get Lean (February 2015)

Ranking Out of 10: 9.5, one of my favourite TT workouts. Not sure why I wouldn't give it a 10. Had all the meathead goodness I like and some fat loss conditioning. Probably because my 10 would have been an old workout Craig did in Mens Health maybe 10 years ago. A Circuit workout which had me jumping from machine to bench, had walking lunges, and towel lat pulldown. It gets a 10 because I got ripped and shredded in that workout the 2x i used it. - I was also 24, not 34. LOL.

Your age (range) and gender: 34 male

Your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced): intermediate

Personal limitations (e.g., injury, equipment, limited schedule, etc.) none, didn't always have access to KB depending on the gym I went to.

Workout Positives: All the strength building exercises, loved being in and out of gym shower included in 40 minutes. allowed me time to go during lunch if needed.

Workout Negatives: none I can think of

Exercise Substitutions/Changes Used: DB Swings instead of KB swings when I didn't have access to KB.

Who Would You Recommend This Workout To (e.g., pressed for time, don't have access to a full gym, looking to build better balance, looking to build "show" muscles, etc.):

Those who want to get stronger. lean out. Which is pretty much everybody.

TT Workout Done Prior to This: TT Muscle Mash

TT Workout to be Done Next: TT 2K4

Other Comments: A great workout. I am pleased with results. I feel stronger, my push ups increased by 10-15, my bench and squat increased.
Blake Linklater

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