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Old 09-08-2009, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by billy_quiz View Post
An essential part of increasing fitness is recovery. When we train, we stress the body which reacts by increasing its capability to manage that stress. That is how we become fitter.

However, this increased capacity occurs in the recovery period. Without allowing the body enough time to recover, this adaptation cannot occur.

Follwing three TT sessions a week incoproates these principles brilliantly. But, many people, particularly if faced with a competition, are motivated to do more. If three sessions are good then four must be better!! The temptation is that the days between TT sessions can become full blown sessions thenselves.

My tip therefore is to ensure that you have adequate recovery. On your non TT days, initially take things very easily and monitor your recovery. As you get fitter, gradually increase the amount you do on your easy days. It is easy to see what experienced guys are doing on their 'off' days and think that is the way to go. Remember, it has taken them a long time to achieve the fitness level to train to that level. An essential component to build fitness is recovery. Plan your recovery with the same diligence you plan your training.
Great advice Billy!!!!!

I believe that's where too many people fail, reading others journals and
assuming they can do that, but if you are not physically ready, it's no go..
and you give up, frustated.. Don't get caught up in that..

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