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Old 02-18-2011, 06:31 AM
vhall vhall is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 108
Default 4 Feb - 16 Feb

Averaged 3 workouts per week.

Food has been well disciplined during the week, but less so at night and weekends.

Decided on a new short term goal - No Takeaways at the weekend !

It just seems every weekend since Christmas we have been round various friends at the weekend which invariably ends up with drink and takeaway.

My wife stepped in to help, last weekend she cooked our 'Takeaway curry' Thai style, so we knew exactly what was in it ! I t proved more popular than the bought stuff everyone else was having.

I had my annual health assessment this week.

Weight down from 205 lbs to 192 lbs

BMI down from 32 to 29 Out of the red zone into amber

Blood pressure 130 / 74

VO2 Max 40 (rates good on my assessors criteria)

Resting heart rate 64

Cholesterol 6.38 Amber : Raised level - Need to review those curries !

Blood Glucose down from 5.0 to 4.8 - In the green

Hydration - Up from last year (based on water intake)

Alcohol - Down from Av 8 units per week to 3 units per week.

Caffeinated Drinks - No change Av 4 per day. I know, I know ditch it for Green Tea !

Sleep - down from Av 6 hours per night to 4. Lot of stuff going on at the moment ! I'm rubbish at sleeping anyway.

Recommended Action Points

1./ Take Steps to Improve Body Composition - Already doing that with TT
2./ Monitor choloesterol regularly and take steps to reduce it - Yep, I'm nearly 46 so need to get myself out of the red zone

Still doing the TT2k11 workout - well most of it anyway. The pull ups cause me a lot of neck and shoulder pain, so I substituted this week for Lat Pull Downs - wide bar, to the front.

Just need to really tighten up on my diet and I'll be happy.

The challenge next week is I'm travelling for 3 days so will see how I can use TT workout and meal planning principles while I'm away.


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Old 02-18-2011, 06:53 AM
debz0773's Avatar
debz0773 debz0773 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 867

Hey Vern..
Congrats to you. I agree, home cooked beats take away any day.! Maybe check psyllium husk for your cholesterol. It once given to me from a naturopath as part of the ingredients for a colon detox. He mentioned that it was good for high cholesterol also. cheers, Deb
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Old 02-20-2011, 04:40 PM
vhall vhall is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 108
Default Feb 20

Hi Debz,

Thx for the psyllium husk tip, I'll check it out.

Thurs 17 Feb Workout C From TT2K11. Minus the tricep and bicep arm exercises - Time constraint !
Food - same meal plan as previous.

No workout Fri 18 Feb Dog walking - I took my wife and daughter to the airport as they are off to Ireland for school half term break. Then 300 mile round trip to drop the dog off to family in London. They are thinking of getting a puppy for their children, so asked if they could borrow ours for the half term break to see how they get on ! So no wife, no children, no dog for 1 whole week. Wonder how I'll cope.
Food : Started well, had tea with cousin's family in London - guess what - Curry ! OMG I can't get away from it. At least it was home made and very nice too.

Sat 19 Feb Did workout D from TT2k11 (a 1st for me to get to workout D - I usually don't get time on Saturdays) I also added the arms I missed on Thursday.
Food: Omlette breakfast, fruit snack, chicken salad lunch, chicken veg and sweet potato for tea.

Sun 20 Feb: Rest Day. Did some house repairs and some gardening, packed as I'm working away for a few days.
Food: Breakfast - Omlette, Lunch - Cheese Salad sandwich, Tea - cereal & toast (odd choice, but wasn't really hungry)
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Old 02-27-2011, 04:24 PM
vhall vhall is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 108
Default 21 Feb - 27 Feb

Ok, tough week this week.

Away for 4 days, travelling involved for 3 of them.

Respect to anyone who travels regularly as part of their work routine and still manages to workout / stay in shape. The travelling really wipes you out and messes up your routine.
I guess I never realised how lucky I was to have the ability to achieve a regular routine - A bit of a wake up call for me there.

Food wise - well here's a sample 'awayday' menu for me.

Breakfast : Scrambled eggs with toast, tea and cranberry juice.
Snack : Fruit salad and natural yoghurt
Lunch: Salmon, broccoli, cauliflower, noodles
Dinner: Rib eye steak, salad, veg (no chips ! Whahay)
Snack: Nuts & Raisins

Work Outs:
This was the tough part for me, I thought I'd struggle with the food as it was a little out of my control, i.e. totally reliant on hotel menues, but I now have the right mindset and chose options that were in line with what I now normally eat.

The issue for me was spending 5 hours a day travelling was more hard work than working if that makes sense. It just wipes you out. So I only managed 2 workouts this week.
Spent the weekend catching up on 'real' work and plenty of dog walking.

A bit dissapointed about the workouts, but pleased with my approach to the food.

Back home now and back to my own office tomorrow, so no excuses this week !
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Old 02-27-2011, 07:15 PM
GillianM GillianM is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 937

Well done getting through the travelling. It must've been tough. Good work on the nutrition and getting two workouts in. Think positively as you did well. Okay so you didnt get the 3rd workout in but that is minor detail. You will get 3 in next week! Good luck.

'Instead of turning your eyes away from the difficulty, open your eyes to the powerful opportunity, choose to invision your own best outcome, then choose to do whatever is necessary to make it happen'
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Old 02-27-2011, 08:31 PM
brittanieb's Avatar
brittanieb brittanieb is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 414

Originally Posted by GillianM View Post
Well done getting through the travelling. It must've been tough. Good work on the nutrition and getting two workouts in. Think positively as you did well. Okay so you didnt get the 3rd workout in but that is minor detail. You will get 3 in next week! Good luck.

Agreed to everything Gillian said here. Its really great that you kept up the nutrition while traveling. And don't worry too much about the 3rd workout, you'll get it in next week, and really food determines the large majority of your results anyway.
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Old 03-01-2011, 04:02 PM
vhall vhall is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 108
Default March 1

Hi Brittanie & Gillian,

Thanks for the positive comments - makes a difference !

Well yesterday 28 Feb going well until tea time (Month end is ultra busy for our business, plus with a few days away last week I was in catch up mode - so no workout) Walked the dog though !

Food was standard fayre for me;

Omlette brekfast
Fruit and yoghurt snack
Chicken and salad lunch

Got home and collected the dog from a friend who was kindly looking after him for the afternoon as my wife is away. She bought me a New York style cheescake as I was on my own ! A very nice thought but Noooo, the tempatation was too much. I had a large (ok a very large) slice and was immediately zombied.

I felt so tired and fell asleep for about 30mins. Bizarre. Speaking to my wife during a phone call later, she reckons I was hyperglycemic. I'd not eaten all afternoon until the cheesecake. I thought that the sleepiness was an odd reaction to too much sugar, but apparently not. My rationale says the opposite should have happened, i.e. i should have been full of energy not sleepy.

Anyone got any further explanation for this?

Anyway. No more cheesecake !

March 1
A much better day

Breakfast: Omlette - 2 eggs, peppers, onion. mushroom, tomoato, cheese plus broccoli
Snack: Blueberries, strawberries, natural yoghurt
Lunch: Chicken salad
Snack: Nuts & Raisins
Dinner: White fish fillet broccoli cauliflower carrots sweet potato

Workout : A from TT 2K11

I even reduced ny caffiene to 3 cups of tea - No coffee. 1 cup of green tea.

Thinking of altering my TT workout for the final phase.

Any advice on this welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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Old 03-02-2011, 03:22 PM
vhall vhall is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 108
Default Switchover day !


A good day today. I felt motivated by the 6 week chalenge resuklts for everyone and decided to up my pace for the remainder of the contest.

Foodwise, a good day, my normal meal plan today.

Workout, switched to TT Fat Loss Switch for remainder of contest.

Gym was really busy, so I had to vary the workout slightly by splitting circuit 1 into supersets.

Managed 2 sets for each exercise.

Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
Prisoner Lunge 10 reps per side
Duck Under 6 reps per side
Bird Dog 6 reps per side
Plank 60 second hold
Glute Squeeze 30 second hold
Mountain Climber 10 reps per side
Calf Jump 10 reps
Bodyweight Squat 10 reps
Cossack Lunge 6 reps per side (Really felt these)
Pushup 10 reps
Psoas Stretch 20 second hold
Chest Stretch 20 second hold

1A) Bulgarian Split Squat 10 reps per side (2 sets)
1B) Stability Ball Leg Curl 15 reps (2 sets)

1C) Pull-up 10 reps + 8 reps (2 sets)
1D) Stability Ball Jackknife 15 reps (2 sets)

1E) Lateral Barrier Jump 6 jumps per side (2 sets)
1F) Narrow-Grip Strap Row with 1-second pause at top 2 reps short of failure (2 sets)

1G) Decline Push-up 2 reps short of failure (2 sets)
1H) Box Jump or Total Body Extension 6 reps (2 sets)

2A) DB Split Squat 8kg each DB 6 reps each side (2 sets)
2B) Triple Press 12kg db's 8 reps (2 sets)
2C) DB Row 12kg db's 8 reps (2 sets)

Thx for reading

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Old 03-03-2011, 01:14 PM
vhall vhall is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 108
Default 3 March 2011

Another good day.

No workout today, v. busy day at work plus a bit sore from yesterday (did 2 workouts over 2days back to back), plus a bit dehydrated this morning.

Anyway, food was good, no junk !

Stuck to my meal plan as follows;

Omlette, 2 eggs, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomoat, cheese.
Cup of tea.
Pint of water

Snack: Natural yoghurt with grapes and blueberries.
Cup of green tea
Pint of water

Lunch: Chicken salad.
Green Tea

Snack: Houmous and carrots
Cup of coffee

Tea: Chicken, green veg, sweet potato.
Cup of tea

Plus a litre of water throughout the day.

Gotta remember that hydration, especially on workout days.

Hope yours was a good day too. Thx for reading.
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Old 03-03-2011, 02:42 PM
weetamclan's Avatar
weetamclan weetamclan is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 1,787

Wow sounds like you're having a really good run at it! And I'm glad the contest is acting as motivation - that's the real point of them afterall
And then my donkey fell down your waffle hole.
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