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Old 09-06-2010, 09:28 PM
galaxy galaxy is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2010
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Wink Galaxy going for Gold this time!

Hi everyone

Well as the title says, I am going for Gold this time round.

I started Contest # 8 and was doing quite well up to the week 6 mark, then I fell off the rails for various reasons. My son had to have surgery and I suffered a few asthma attacks, which really threw me, although I didn't stop training totally, it was a bit intermittent and my eating really slipped.

As a result of the ill health, I missed the last few weeks and dropped out of the contest, so have been waiting for #9 to start. As Craig says, don't give up!

So here I am again!! this time around, I am going to learn from my mistakes last time round and set smaller attainable goals that will actually be little steps to get me closer to my main goals. I think I aimed too much at the end result I wanted last time and didn't think too much about the little steps that will get me there. I am also being vocal about making changes so my friends are aware, and I will be on here as much as I can so I am accountable.

I also have the support of my husband this time which will help so much, he has started doing the TT workouts and has been really impressed by the quick progress he has made. Although I know it will make me sick how quickly he will lose weight and it will be so much harder for me!

I have managed to maintain some sort of TT workouts since the last contest, so I am going to continue through the TT for fat loss manual as I would have done anyway.

This means I will be just starting TK5 (I think!) I have really enjoyed TK3 and TK4, so am hoping TK5 will be just as good, am sure it will be!

The hardest part for me will be the nutrition, this is my biggest battle and demon. I have a history of eating disorders so food and weight has always been huge thing for me. I would like to say I am over the disorders, but to be honest they are an addiction so you never get over it, I feel like they are always lurking away in the background.

Since having children, I am aware that my eating habits will affect them, so I do believe I have much healthier attitidue towards food (as I know my unhealthy one came from my Mum)
but it's still a battle and I still have a tendency to binge.

I am really hoping that by doing the contest I am can keep on track and not go off the rails, and take control of my eating. This will be a huge thing for me beleive me.

One of my mini goals will be to track my food on fitday, so even if I do go off the track, it might not actually be as bad as I think and if it is I know how much I need to pull back to put it right. O r just rule a line under it and start again. this will be a challenge!

I plan to write my goals tonight and take photos so if I dare i will post them tomorrow, so far none of the before photos seem as bad as mine will be, so that's a bit scary!

That's it for now guys, I will be heading to the gym later so do workout A of my new workouts, will update you tomorrow on how it went.

good luck everyone,

cheers Katie
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