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Old 11-13-2013, 12:33 PM
duckman duckman is offline
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Default TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0

I completed this workout a little over a month ago and intended to do a review earlier. There has recently been a bit of "chatter" regarding the challenge that goes with this workout in the challenge workout sections of the forums.
Rank 9.5/10
Age/Sex 71 yr male
Fitness Level intermediate-advanced
previous workout prior to this TT BW 1000 (another good one)
Limitations herniated disc and right shoulder calcifications with some impingement symptoms (may have surgery in my future)
negatives; I agree with what someone else said that the warm up seemed too long. During the last 2 weeks I did just 1 round of the prescribed warm up with some additional hip extensions, SB Y's and T's.
Modifications: In workout B I did Bench Jumps to replace the Vertical Jump. In workout A for the Bench Squat I placed bench at squat rack such that I could use the bar to assist me on the assent from the squat...attempted to keep only 1 or 2 fingers on the bar. good exercise. For the challenge, I did for 2 minutes the first two times and then moved up to the full deal. Results in the challenge workout forum section.
Impression: This bodyweight workout is the real deal in my opinion. Plenty of strength and endurance benefits. The 3 rounds of 25 walking lunges each side were a challenge. You can't help but be a bit humbled by the Addiction BW Challenge in workout C. Maybe I can do it again some day.
For my next workout I was going to try to go the meatheads route but too many shoulder issues at this point. I am repeating the 6 month bodyweight program and doing some additional rehab work on my shoulder.
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Old 11-16-2013, 07:04 PM
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PeterJankowski PeterJankowski is offline
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Thumbs up TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0

Awesomeness Ranking:

Dripping in awesome sauce with a side of awesome pancakes

Your age (range) and gender:

39 year old male

Your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced):


Personal limitations (e.g., injury, equipment, limited schedule, etc.) Very limited schedule. Busy busy busy.

Workout Positives:
  • great program to assist building single leg strength
  • can be done at home with minimal equipment
  • excellent conditioning (built in)
  • it has a lot of variety built in and is a lot of fun
  • addiction challenge is very motivating. It's a soul crushing workout if you're in the least bit competitive
  • difficulty can be easily altered to cater for all comers
  • this is a general positive for all bodyweight training: it gives your body a rest from the rigours of loaded resistance training (my joints have never felt better)
  • this program can definitely assist with size gains. You most certainly won't lose size or strength doing this program

Workout Negatives:

I really can't fault this one.

Exercise Substitutions/Changes Used:

Non really. I did substitute the use of rings for all pull-up variations, dips and inverted rows. I used the TRX to assist with pistols when necessary.

Who Would You Recommend This Workout To (e.g., pressed for time, don't have access to a full gym, looking to build better balance, looking to build "show" muscles, etc.):
  • anyone who needs a break from lifting heavy
  • those looking to build endurance
  • those looking to build strength in bodyweight work
  • those looking to gain a little bit of lean muscle
  • Ultimately I think everyone could benefit from this workout. It is truly a classic which hasn't got enough recognition

TT Workout Done Prior to This:

TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding Version 1

TT Workout to be Done Next:

TT Advanced Bodyweight

Other Comments:

Great workout, lots of fun, very effective, I looked forward to each and every session.

Give it a go no matter what your goal set is.

To Craig. Write another one!
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