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Old 05-12-2011, 09:05 PM
galaxy galaxy is offline
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Smile Galaxy - just get on with it!

Hi Guys

Well I have procrastinated for a week or 2 when I should start and when I should get measured and when I should start eating clean, etc etc. I have even sat for ages about what title to use, any excuse just to prolong it a bit longer!

Honestly, I am my own worst enemy, I just really drag things out sometimes.

But today I am sitting down and I am saying it here and now I am joining contest #11.

Yay there it is I have committed myself.

Since contest number 9 my weight has gone up a bit, down a bit and up a bit more and a bit more, so enough is a enough. I am actually quite embarrassed to say that I have regained almost 10lbs of the 21lbs I lost in #9. I have had a lot of emotional stress as my FIL has been diagnosed with terminal cancer which seems to be spreading throughout his body, we live 10,000 miles away so it's very hard. I am an emotional eater, but that's no excuse, only I have control over what goes in my mouth. So unless I actually get my backside into gear and do something about this, nothing will change and being overweight does not help me with the stress it makes it worse.

I am a much happier person when my eating is in control and it makes me feel better about other things in my life.

So here goes, officially day 1 was last Thursday as I did actually get my skin folds done last week and got weighed, so I will pop back later and put those measurements on here. They were taken in mm, so I will need to convert them to inches as that's what most people seem to use on here.

On a positive note, I have kept up with my TT workouts, I started Booty for Wife last week which is a 12 weeks program and I am really enjoying it. So will pop by later and post my workouts and measurements.

As it stands I am already 1 week into the contest and my weight has not changed, so eating from now on needs to be clean and I will also post my goals here too. If I want to enter the 6 weeks contest I have 5 weeks of hard work to get into!

Cheers for now guys

I will go find my measurements and post them soon. Even if I have to post them in mm at least they will be here.

cheers for now Katie
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