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Old 11-23-2009, 08:25 AM
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Wow, I can't believe its already that time - totally snuck up on me.

Congrats to everyone who finishes!

Please post your photos and your essay in this thread.

NOTE: This thread is only for final photos and essays. All other posts will be deleted.

NOTE: You can also email your entries to


Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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Old 11-24-2009, 09:23 AM
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Default Lora Colson - Turbulence Training Body Transformation Contest #6 (8/31/09—11/22/09)

It has been an incredible 12 weeks, and WOW! I can't believe it's over! I am a recent "graduate" of a previous TT transformation contest and boy, did I learn a lot going through the first time!

First, let me "re-introduce" myself. I'm a busy, stay at home mom who home schools 4 kids. We have 7 horses, 4 cats, and a puppy...We are involved in just about everything you could possibly be involved in here in Jackson Hole...Rodeo, Horse 4H, Teton Barrel Racing Assoc, Kayak Club, river rafting, Swim Team, music lessons, middle school orchestra, ice hockey, figure skating, Ski Club, snow boarding...You name it, we're probably in it!

I am the busiest person I know! On top of school, and extra curricular activities, there is the regular house stuff--laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping...It can get a bit overwhelming! I'm no stranger to the everyday challenges and stresses that come with a BUSY life! Who has time to WORK OUT! Right?

With the last TT contest, I learned that I can fit in training, and I can get an intense workout in in half the time I used to spend working out. I'm no longer tied to the treadmill for grueling sessions of steady-state cardio...Blech! My workouts are tough, but short. Concise! (I usually get up and train VERY early in the morning, before the kids get up).

TT gave me a formula to follow--a recipe for the exact result I wanted. At one point, I considered paying for a personal trainer, but I ended up wanting to see just how far I could take things on my own, using Turbulence Training. After all, it's all mapped out and it's sort of like having a personal trainer!

The contest gave me a definate goal and a timeline--something I had to reach for and focus on. It helped me stick to the training and nutrition in a way I had never been able to do before. The TT workouts were different to me--I had never even seen some of the exercises before, and I had certainly never worked out this way before. The HIIT was new. The whole body workouts, The focus on nutrition was new.

At the end of the 12 weeks and my first TT contest, I turned 40 and was in the best shape of my entire life. I had six-pack Abs for the first time! It was pretty neat.

Then...The start of this current TT contest came on the heels of another Jackson Hole summer--packed full with "horsey" stuff--Rodeo, county fair and horse shows, barrels and poles club, and the usual summer stuff like going to the lake, rafting/ kayaking the river, hiking, trail riding, company...

At first I tried to be dedicated and pack salads and healthy snacks to bring to the rodeo...I tried to be good about packing a cooler and bringing it on outings...THEN...I CAVED and started drinking beer and eating hot dogs...! I thought to myself, "I will just have fun and enjoy this rodeo season, and THEN get back to business with TT." At the end of the day, I was confident I could get right back to where I wanted to be with the TT.

I started August 31 and took everything I had learned from doing the last challenge. I basically just "plugged back in!" The guesswork was over because I already knew what I could accomplish if I followed the plan.

This contest I focused less on "winning" and more on being a positive example to my family and my friends. I encouraged my friends to join along and try TT, and a bunch did! I shared the stuff I learned and we went after it together! It was fun. Even my husband joined in this time and did some of the same workouts as me. He is now in the best shape he's ever been in--looking GREAT!

This time around, I really enjoyed the experience more. It was great fun helping people learn how to do the things I was learning to do. I suddenly didn't care as much about my result as I cared about helping my husband and my friends get theirs. It made things less stressful and more fun.

I hope my story can be an encouragement to others who are desperately looking for something that will work, and something they can fit into their busy lives! If I can do this...ANYONE can! I have never been busier in my life and I have never been in this kind of shape in my life.

I can't promise that I won't have another "rodeo relapse" this summer...It is so much fun and I just enjoy it! But...I guess it's okay to have a little vacation as long as you know how to get right back...and I do! Thanks TT!

Here are the workouts I used: TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks, TT 2K9, TT Fat Loss Fusion Advanced.

Beginning Stats (8-31-09)
135 pounds
Around belly button: 31 1/2"
Around butt: 36 1/4"
Thigh: 21 3/4"
Chest: 36 1/2"

Ending Stats (11-22-09)
124 pounds
Around belly button: 28"
Around butt: 33 1/2"
Thigh: 20"
Chest: 35"



end pic 2-1.jpg
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Old 11-25-2009, 05:05 PM
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Default Dave Suvak - TT Transformation Contest #6 Entry

Three months ago I found myself at the heaviest I’d been in ten years. Even though I worked out and ate right, most of the time, I couldn’t seem to keep the weight off. I made a decision that I was going to lose the fat no matter what. I owned the Turbulence Training manual but never really put it to full use until I received Craig’s email on August 29, 2009 announcing the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest #6.

I voted in the 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest and was inspired by the people and their results. As I read the essays I contemplated entering a contest myself so when I received the email announcing contest #6, I entered the next day. Not long after starting the contest I received an email with the following inspirational quotes:

When we set specific and inspiring goals with a timeline and deadline, we discover that this immediately focuses our energy and improves our clarity. And, in turn, this increases our motivation and propels us into action, doing the work that needs to be done to arrive at our predetermined destination.

Like boats without a rudder, people with no specific and inspiring goals drift through life.

These quotes captured the essence of why I decided to enter the Turbulence Training Transformation contest – I needed a timeline and deadline. I had failed in the recent past because I didn’t have a timeline or a definite deadline. My goal became to finish the contest by following three Turbulence Training workouts exactly as written and sticking to a healthy diet for twelve weeks. This is something I had failed to do over the last four years of trying to transform my body.

I started my training with the TT Big 5 Fat Loss workout. After four weeks I moved to the TT 30-Day for Maximum Fat Loss workout, and ended with the TT Hardcore Fat Loss workout. I had tried the TT Hardcore Fat Loss workout in the past and knew it was hard. I put it last so when the time came I would be ready to blast through it instead of struggling as I had in my previous attempts.

For my diet I followed a calorie/carb rotation plan. The core of my program was Brad Pilon’s “Eat Stop Eat”. I used fast days as the start of my low calorie/low carb cycle. I had two fast days and two high calorie/high carb days per week. The other days were moderate calories/moderate carbs. All my meals consisted of lean protein and vegetables. I added fruit on the moderate calories/moderate carb days. On high calorie/high carb days I added brown rice, sweat potatoes and/or oatmeal. I also gave up sugar, dairy and wheat during the twelve weeks including my high calorie/high carb days. In the past I tried supplements such as fat burners but this time I decided to skip the supplements.

I had two surprises during the 12-week contest. My main objective was to lose fat so I picked TT workouts with that in mind. Yet, I was surprised at how much strength I gained. In the past I have done workouts focused on gaining strength but I had never been able to bench press 85 pound dumbbells without help from a spotter. By the time I got to the TT Hardcore Fat Loss workout in the last four weeks I was able to bench 85 pound dumbbells without any help. I even tried 90 pound dumbbells on my last workout.

The other surprise was how my thinking changed about warm-ups. Every TT workout has the following rules:

Never skip a warm-up.

If you are limited by time, reduce the number of sets in the workout, but always perform the regular warm-up.

Since my goal was to follow the TT workouts to “the letter” I adhered faithfully to the warm-up rules even though in the past I would have cut the warm-ups short or eliminated them completely. I used to believe that warm-ups would only tire me out and reduce my performance on the “real” sets. This was especially true when I started the TT Big 5 Fat Loss workout because the bodyweight warm-up alone almost killed me the first time I did it. But I stuck to the rules and my thinking began to change as I realized the warm-ups were a key part of the workout. They not only primed my body so I could perform the “real” sets but more importantly they kept me from getting injured. So many times in the past I would push myself without doing an adequate warm-up and end up with a nagging injury that would hamper my workouts. Injuries were one reason I failed numerous transformation attempts in the past

I achieved the following results:

Started Monday August 31, 2009
Age: 48
Height – 6’2”
Weight – 208 pounds
Waist – 38 inches
Across belly button – 39 ½ inches
Bicep flexed – 16 inches
Chest – 42 ½ inches
Quad – 25 inches

Ended Sunday November 22, 2009
Weight – 185 pounds (lost 23 pounds)
Waist – 34 inches (lost 4 inches)
Across belly button – 35 inches
Bicep flexed – 16 inches
Chest – 42 inches
Quad – 25 inches

I can’t thank Craig enough for his TT workouts and for sponsoring his transformation contests. It was this contest and following the workouts exactly as written along with a healthy diet that were the keys to my transformation. I now find myself at the leanest I’ve been in ten years.


Dave Suvak
Attached Images
File Type: jpg TT Contest front view.jpg (90.4 KB, 112 views)
File Type: jpg TT Contest back view.jpg (88.6 KB, 53 views)
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Old 11-26-2009, 04:42 AM
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Default scorpiogrrl's entry

This challenge has been an interesting one for me to say the least. It totally metamorphasised from something I was doing largely for the hell of it (let's be honest, to get 6 months free membership more than anything else) to something real. There's not a lot of difference looking at the photos. But it was never about a physical transformation for me and still isn't.

Not long before the start of the challenge an organisational restructure took place at my work which resulted in an increased workload for my team. I used to have a lovely life pattern where I'd leave the office for an hour or more usually 2 in the middle of the day and go train at the gym. However I've been needing to put more hours in at the office so finding it harder and harder to do that. So got to a point where enough was enough. I struggle to do early morning workouts - would rather stay in bed - but if I was serious about keeping up my training, that was the time I needed to do it. But no way was I going to go to the gym at that time a) it's far too crowded for my liking and b) the extra time needed to get there etc just means I have to get up earlier ugh. So decision - morning workouts, at home. Didn't have any dumbell or barbell weights at home and most interested in going down the kettlebell training path so invested in a set of kettlebells for home use (spot my home gym in the final photo ) They weren't cheap but I consider them an investment.

So, as at end of November, I have now terminated my gym membership. This is a HUGE HUGE thing for me as for years the gyms were my 2nd home. Even at the beginning of this challenge I never thought I'd have cancelled my gym m'ship by the end. But I've come to prefer the training in the fresh air at home on my balcony or down at the local park. Still struggling a little with the early mornings but it is becoming a habit now which is the key.

Thanks to Craig and Chris for putting together such great workouts that can be done anywhere with a minimum of equipment.

Workouts used during the challenge:

Nov 2008 BW Cardio 2.0
Chris Lopez TT Kettlebell Workouts intermediate phase 1
Chris Lopez TT Kettlebell Workouts intermediate phase 2

Starting photo:

End photo:


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Old 11-26-2009, 09:00 AM
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Default Grateful INDEED!!

I was wickedly skinny and in superb shape back in July, and then i came back from a vacation in TX, started 2 new jobs, got a stress fracture in my foot, and basically went to hell in 2 mos. Before then, I didnt touch bread, milk, or processed food, nothing out of a bag and rarely cans, I was all natural and mostly raw. THAT changed after working, I'd have to run wherever and grab something quick, plus I forgot how tempting it was being in an office with junk food around all the time! Plus the stress of my job at the rental/event planning place. I started off my contest 8/31 with a kick, strong and steadily losing. Not too hot on the diet, but working out well and sticking with it. Lost like 4 lbs and 4-5". HOWEVER...... 4 weeks into the contest (end of sept), after going full time at the salon, which happens to be next to the South Bend Chocolate Cafe (HUUUUUUUGE candy store/restaurant/coffee shop) I boomeranged UP 9 lbs and 8 3/4" in ONE WEEK, my heaviest since my daughter was born 5 yrs ago, to 146.8 lbs. THAT did NOT even START coming off until Oct 19th, finally going down in weight and measurements. So basically MY contest has been from Oct 19 until Nov 22 in which I made phenomenal progress!! Craig once again motivated me to not only cut out junk food, wheat which I discovered I am allergic to and swell up like a balloon (and also discovered coffee does the same thing to me!!), but also go mostly vegetarian and vegan. As a lot of my former and current transformees know, my life is super high stress with running the kids everywhere, my fiance being gone now close to 3 yrs with the army, 2 teenage boys who constantly throw a "what the HECK were you THINKING?!?!" moments at me left and right, aaaaaaalways something going wrong with the house and car, a rotten ex husband, and a rambunctious 5 yr old. I come from a loooooooooooong line of polish women who were morbidly obese, and a family on BOTH sides who commiserate and celebrate with food food food. All I've ever KNOWN was how to either drown my emotions in food, or go out to dinner for this or that occassion, baking baking baking, and WOOO dont get me STARTED on the chips and cheetos! Im a bread and salt freak, for ME, I would dare say breaking the bread/butter/toast habit is on [ar with a smoker tossing the cigarettes - even KNOWING it makes me sick and affects my moods worse the PMS, I cant stop eating it!!! Like alll day morning to night. Luckily all of Craig's easy veggie meal plans were landing in my email box around then, and that was enough to motivate me to start cutting back. One piece a day here and there until it was finally gone from my diet. I was finally able to start fasting again, which I found impossible to do in the throes of my food addiction. I have learned to do yoga to destress instead of chow down, and I finally stopped being a lazy azz and stopped breezing thru my workouts just going thru the motions, and started PUSHING myself again. This was a HUUUUUUGE personal victory for me, to finally LIVE my quotes to never give up and keep on pushing thru. Even when I WOULD start to binge, I would catch myself and figure out, what is causing this? What emotion am I trying to cover up or what feeling am I trying to GET from eating all this junk? And that would stop it in its tracks. Next day (since my weak times are AAAAAAALWAAAAAAAYS at night) I was back in the saddle not even thinking about the snack attack the previous evening. I cant wait to see how slender I get by xmas this time, this is the lowest ive ever been in body fat (which I know a lot of you wont be impressed by it, but ive NEVER been in my teens of bf even back before I had my daughter and thought I was hot chit!! lol) I am SOOOOOOO gonna rock those thigh highs soon..... bring on the new year and new body, the holidays dont scare me one bit! THANK YOU AGAIN Craig for this ridiculously effective crazy wonderful workouts. OH, forgot to mention the wkouts I rocked this contest - everyone knows I have exercise ADD so i go thru more then 3 as most people do - started with 3 wks Buff Dudes Hot Chicks, did like 2 weeks of March Madness mixed with a little bit of AAA Abs, 3 wks of Booty for Life, and have now been on TT for Athletes since, which I looooooooooove!! I have gone from struggling thru 1 circuit to 4 now, go meee go meee!! Here are my befores, I'll get the afters in the next post.

Fattest stats:
Arm: 11 1/2
Bust: 36 1/4
Ribs: 31 1/2
Waist: 31
Bellybutton: 34 1/2
Hips: 36 3/4
Butt: 39 3/4
Thighs: 23 1/2
Above Knee: 16 3/4
Calves: 14 1/2
Weight: 146.8
Bodyfat: 26.4

Wooo those numbers just make me CRINGE!! And these before pics were me at 142, not even the 146 and up 8 3/4 inches!! You can only IMAGINE how "fluffy I looked then!! Read on for my after info....
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg 11.09 005.jpg (63.0 KB, 59 views)
File Type: jpg 11.09 006.jpg (80.7 KB, 27 views)
File Type: jpg 11.09 003.jpg (79.7 KB, 49 views)
File Type: jpg 11.09 002.jpg (75.9 KB, 57 views)
Jessica Rabbit
"We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough."
- Helen Keller

"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to
start over."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!"
- Kate Moss
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Old 11-26-2009, 09:09 AM
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Default After...

Sorry Im not computer savvy enough to figure out how to crop them side by side, I tried but it just wasnt happening lol!! After measurements:
Arm: 10 3/4 (-3/4")
Bust: 34 (-2 1/4)
Ribs: 29 (-2 1/2")
Waist: 27 3/4 (-2 3/4")
Bellybutton: 31 1/2 (-3"!! whoop whoop)
Hips: 34 3/4 (-2 1/2")
Butt: 37 3/4 (-2")
Thighs: 22 3/4 (-3/4" always the last to go, sigh...)
Above knee: 16 1/4 (-1/4")
Calves: 14 1/2 (same)
Weight: 133.2 (-13.6 lbs)
Bodyfat: 19.4% (-7%)

So I am veeeerrrrrrryy happy with my results all things considering. I am eagerly awaiting the next contest, to be my skinniest ever! The best results I ever had were Xmas last year, so oh yes, I am bringing it this year too.... new weights, new interval workout, new thigh highs hehehehehe. And yes I was being silly in my pics, Craig said to have fun with it, and I did!!! Happy holidays to everyone, see you soon!!!
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg 11.09 039.jpg (79.4 KB, 75 views)
File Type: jpg 11.09 037.jpg (80.0 KB, 70 views)
File Type: jpg 11.09 043.jpg (60.8 KB, 62 views)
File Type: jpg 11.09 042.jpg (73.8 KB, 65 views)
Jessica Rabbit
"We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough."
- Helen Keller

"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to
start over."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!"
- Kate Moss
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Old 11-28-2009, 05:36 AM
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In 1936 Hans Selye carried out some ground-breaking research that described the stress response. This research greatly helps our understanding of what happens in our body when we train – how we become fitter.

Selye’s research showed that, regardless of the initial source of stress, the body reacted with a very typical pattern of responses:
• An initial alarm stage
• A period of resistance or adaptation (where the body gets stronger and responds better)
• If the stress is not removed or adapted to – exhaustion

Understanding this principle has helped me make sense of my struggles over the last 12 weeks!

I started my 12 week journey excited and full of good intentions – I knew that I had let my fitness slide over the summer due to the large amount of competing demands on my time and I was excited and motivated by the competition to focus upon my training again.

During the first 4 weeks I followed the TT Medicine Ball programme. Although I did not complete all my training sessions, I could definitely see that I was making progress. However, during that period, my situation changed at work and I had to revert to working a 24 hour rapid rotation shift pattern. The result of this is like living your life in permanent leg jag. Additionally, I had the expectation that I needed to complete all that I had been doing in my old job whilst doing my new one. I had not been working 24hr shift for about a year (just covering absences) and it was a huge shock to my system to start again. There is good evidence that suggests shift work is significantly more detrimental to the health of those over 40 than those younger. I haven’t seen that side of 40 for a good many years!!
In addition to that, Sue my wife has been involved in the set up of a new swimming school. As with any business struggling to get off the ground, there have been significant difficulties and that has created further stress at home.

I was feeling permanently tired due to trying to adapt to shift work and my training suffered because of it. For the last 8 weeks, I have been using Chris Lopez 10 minute KB workouts in an attempt to fit in some quality training where I could.

While my training stress has been low, the other stressors in my life have been something that I’ve been struggling to manage. You may have noticed my absence from the TT forum for the last 6 weeks or so. It has been a bit of a Catch 22 situation – I know that if I get more organised, eat better and train better, I will have more energy and feel better. However, I don’t have the energy to generate the motivation to organise my life better!

There is some light at the end of the tunnel. In terms of my shiftwork, I am getting to the point of adaptation. My sleeping has improved and I’m feeling less tired. I am feeling more motivated towards training and recovering better from it and looking forward to my next 12 weeks.

Starting weight: 199lbs
Body fat: 21%
Completion weight: 191 lbs
Body fat: 19%
Attached Images
File Type: jpg tt6 017-crop.jpg (87.9 KB, 35 views)
File Type: jpg tt6 015-crop.jpg (97.3 KB, 26 views)
Chris Curtis

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Old 11-29-2009, 06:40 PM
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Default KittyR's Transformation

I finished the TT Intermediate program in July in time for a backpacking trip. That 4 weeks kicked my fitness level up to a place I hadn't seen in a few years, so I was able to enjoy the trip. I wasn't expecting those kind of results in such a short period---just goes to show you what "shaking things up" with a good program can do for you. This was true even though I was only able to do about 6 consecutive kneeling pushups and was still having trouble with that darn stability ball at the end of the Intermediate Program. The core work and multi-muscle exercises were just what the old bod needed. I felt good too---no more sluggishness and depression.

Then things got crazy and I am embarrassed to say that I flaked off again with my workouts until I started TT Contest #6. I was really hesitant about taking part in a contest, but figured it would be worthwhile to see what would happen if I stayed consistent with a diet and exercise plan for 12 weeks. My "before" photos were a shock, a reality check which provided an additional motivating factor.

I decided to start with the TT Intermediate program because 5 weeks had passed since I had completed it the first time and I obviously still needed to work on a basic fitness foundation. I tweaked my eating plan and got on with TT Contest #6.

When starting TT Intermediate again, I realized that I wasn't doing full squats and lunges because I was trying to use too heavy weights. I did these exercises without weights for a few sessions, concentrating on form. The stability ball started behaving better as I developed more core strength. By the end of the 4th week, my balance and flexibility had greatly improved. I was thrilled to be able do 15 consecutive kneeling push-ups. I had lost some weight and was feeling great. After my four-week weigh-in, I was excited about the results I had gotten so far and happy that I'd finally found a nutrition-workout combo that was effective.

My "high" lasted about an hour. Then it was like: OMG I have to get up and do it again for 8 more weeks!!!! Posting my food/workouts everyday and the social support of the Forums became especially important at this time and remained important until the end of my contest. Some days you have to Just Do It. I started the TT Original program and dropped my food intake a bit. After a week, I tried doing a full pushup during the warm-up and could do it! That was a big milestone for me.

I got a real boost in the first week of November after getting the results of a Health Fair. My LDL cholesterol dropped 17 points, putting my cholesterol in the desirable category, and my fasting blood sugar dropped from 85 to 75. This was after losing only 6 pounds and was confirmation that I was using the right diet and workouts for my body.

I finished TT #6 with a couple of weeks of 2K3. I was out of town for a total of two weeks and used Hotel Workouts. I was still able to slowly lose weight in spite of having my usual routine disrupted. By the end of my recent family visit, I was regretting that I had not brought a belt because the waist on my jeans was getting too big! What a problem to have!

One of the 4-week goals I posted when I began my contest thread was to achieve a "sense of personal mastery in following a diet and exercise program consistently". Of course, I was pleased to have had some success at the end of the first 4 weeks. But a real sense of personal mastery developed out of the work that followed during the last eight weeks when I got up and did it again day after day until the end of my contest. I now know that I can do what I need to do to continue my Transformation.

A big thank you, Craig, for a highly effective program that has turned my life around! And thanks to everyone who visited my contest thread and made me feel part of a community.

Contest dates: September 6---November 28

TT Intermediate
TT Original

Beginning stats............................Ending stats:
Height:. 5’3”................................5' 3"
Weight:. 136.4 pounds..................129.2 pounds.......(-7.2 pounds)
BF:. 37.4%*.................................34.4%...... .........(-3%)
Bust:. 38.5”..................................37.25"...............(-1.25")
Waist:. 33.5".................................31.75"...............(-1.75")
Abdomen:. 38.5"............................36.5".................(-2.0")
Hips:. 37.75".................................36.25"................(-1.5")
Left thigh:. 20”..............................19.5".................(-.50")
Right thigh:. 20.5”..........................20"....................(-.50")

The 7.2 pounds lost consisted of approximately 6.6 pounds of fat and 0.6 pounds of LBM.

* I decided to use the calculator at even though the calculated body fat percentage is considerably higher than the Tanita value of 32% I posted at the beginning of my contest thread. A big problem with the Tanita is that you are supposed to get your body fat measure in the afternoon when your hydration level is up, which is when I got the 32%. Well, I was away from the house on the afternoon of the last day of my contest, so using the Tanita isn't particularly convenient.

“All the planning in the world is no good if you don’t follow through. Be a robotic action-taker.”
Craig Ballantyne, Important Tip, 1/13/09

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Old 11-29-2009, 06:46 PM
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Default KittyR's Transformation--Rest of Pictures

I was only allowed to upload 5 pictures for my first posting, so here are the rest of my pictures.

“All the planning in the world is no good if you don’t follow through. Be a robotic action-taker.”
Craig Ballantyne, Important Tip, 1/13/09

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Old 12-01-2009, 04:27 PM
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This is my third or fourth contest out of the six. This was a maintenance type contest for me. Some definite ups and downs as far as nutrition, especially around Halloween, when there were a lot of treats in the office. The old adage, “if it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it” proved very true, and I need to remember to live that way. I am proud that I did finish strong and feel very good at the end. My weight went from 186 to 182. But I am most proud of what occurred for the three days following the contest. My contest ran from August 31 through November 22. In those three days (just before Thanksgiving), I had three great workouts and three days of healthy, clean nutrition. Coming right after a contest (in which I considered taking that week off), that tells me I have the discipline to walk the walk and lead this lifestyle.

As this contest evolved, I became increasingly busy at work and with family issues, so I experimented with not posting regularly to the website (although I did manage to keep my own journal of workouts and nutrition). I found that for me, at least, it is definitely better when I am posting regularly, and will attempt to do so more diligently in the future, proving that being accountable to the group is an important part of the process. One advantage of being busier was that it necessitated me to really plan my meals for the week, again proving that planning ahead is crucial.

The programs used were: European Vacation workouts – September
TT 2k9 Fusion – October
Various TT Workouts – November

I really found the European Vacation workouts to be particularly important to my plan, as these are great workouts that can easily be done in the house, so when one is pressed for time, this is a great way to go.

Not sure what my next move will be; will most likely just continue with the program of the month, and make sure I stay disciplined around the upcoming holidays. Last year was a learning experience, as I definitely put on a few pounds at that time, and it took me a bit longer than I thought it would to get back to where I was satisfied.

Kudos to Craig – I am not sure how he continues to put out terrific programs month after month, combined with tremendous nutritional advice that we get in the emails, blogs, etc., but I am grateful that he always manages to do it. And congratulations to all the finishers – we are all winners!!

(First two pics - August 31; last three pics - Nov. 22)

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