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Old 12-23-2009, 04:53 PM
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Thanks Rob........

Seems like a long time since posting, but have been busy-wizzy with all the Xmas pressies. I have to admit, the only thing xmas means to us now is how special it is for our near-5yo son. Such joy in his face with the whole expectation of Santa coming & bringing him a sleigh-full of gifts he probably doesn't need & will probably only play with for 2mins at a time.........but that's boys for you.........short attention span?! LOL.

Started 2K4 yesterday.........going on hols, but just wanted to get started so I can get a feel for what weights I have to use when I get back! Plan to do workout B on Xmas day.......who knows what time I'll have to get up to do that before our son wakes up......4.30am??? Have to do it though, because the rest of the day will be just catching up with the oldies.... & more pressies for little man!

Thinking about doing Booty for Life next, but I don't know if it's good for those already with some booty? Am I going to have MORE junk in the trunk after??? Any thoughts anyone?

Anyway, to everyone out there........have a great holiday season & seriously look after each other!


P.S............Craig......after reading one of your posts (about checking out the pistol squat chick), I think you seriously need to make a New Year's Resolution to find that special person to share your life! I know you have Bally & you don't have to make the usual crap resolutions (like lose weight) go & put yourself out there!........Just a thought!
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