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Old 12-10-2011, 07:45 PM
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Default My TT Contest #12 contest submission

I have been reading comments and threads in the members forum but never posted anything myself. So this is my first time doing it and will work on being more active on the input and contribute what I can in this fitness social space.

I had participated in the contest #11 and was able to accomplish quite a bit in my fitness goal and I decided to join the contest #12 to see if I can make further improvement. At the end, I must say that refinement is a tough process.

Below is my write up for the contest submission:

Write up for TT Contest#21 by Pasit Banjongpanith, age 43.

After the #11 Transformation Contest, I was off exercising for about 2 weeks, I must also confess that I had indulged in more than a couple of cheat days. In retrospect, I should have kept on exercising because getting back into it was a bit slow as I could actually feel the tardiness effects of the long break. So getting back into it I started with the usual TT Intermediate training, except this time I didnít feel as much charge as the first time. The next day I decided to try something new the Metabolic training with the Finisher exercise, which was awesome except I nearly threw up after. Thatís when I realized that I really needed to work more on my endurance, and setting new fitness goals.
Considering what a week off could do, I was concerned what the following events can do to my fitness goal: The spontaneous family gatherings which could be quite frequent since I have a large family; kids birthday parties; Thanksgiving dinner; Christmas holiday gatherings. I do love all of these events of eating, chats, laughs and karaoke, which will likely fatten me up if I donít stick to my plan. So I made myself commit to a year-end fitness resolution of staying fit right to the end of the year. To accomplish this I figured I must set more goals, and the TT Contest #12 came just at the right time too.
Over the past four months I have ventured on a few different programs that Craig workout menu. I used the 2K6, TT SuperChargerz Workout, and toward the end the TT Contest #12 was the Buffed Guys and Hot Gals routines. I plan on going forward to try the latest ones that Craig released, the 24/7 fat loss programs looks challenging and enticing. As for now, Iím pretty happy with my accomplishments as follow:
ē Improved on interval training routines ie. From 8 mph to 10 mph on the treadmill
ē Strength improvement and being able to lift as much as I did back in college, bench pressing 205 lbs up to 5 reps
ē Better self discipline in keeping with fitness routines, four times a week
I know this is going to sound like one of the infomercial product endorsement ads, but the truth is through Craigís TT exercise programs along with the nutrition guidelines he regularly shares I have become much more educated in the areas of fitness and nutrition at the same time achieving visible results. Since becoming a member of Turbulence Training back in May of this year, I have made great progress in reaching many personal fitness milestones and winning third prize in the Transformation Contest #11 was a sweet deal too, but more importantly I donít feel the sluggishness that I was feeling in the first quarter of this year or prior. I am much more motivated to maintain regular exercise and keeping up with the health regimen just for the goodness and the fun of it. This newly gained energy actually enables me to pursue other personal goals as well. In overall, life is still busy but Iím very glad to be able to fit in healthy habits and lifestyle.
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