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Old 08-22-2011, 06:36 PM
galaxy galaxy is offline
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Default Galaxy's 12 week entry (aka Katie)

Well this is my 2nd TT contest and I am back at it again. I joined contest number 9 and had great success but unfortunately I let things slip a bit and needed to get back to it!

Bit of background, I am 46 married Mum of 2, originally from the UK but live in NZ, someone who has struggled with her weight most of her life, despite being addicted to exercise!

I continued to use TT workouts since finishing the first contest and thankfully because they are such fantastic and effective programs I didn’t completely go back to square one. But now it was time to kick my butt into action again and get back into another contest.

So how did I get on this time around!

Results Day 1 Day 84 Loss

Weight 130 lbs 120 lbs 10 lbs
Waist: 30 27.5 2.5”
Hips: 37.5 36 1.5”
Thigh: 23.5 22.0 1.5”
BMI: 27.1 25.5 2.4
Body Fat: 27.3% 24.3% 3%
Skin fold Total 172.0mm 147.8mm 24.2mm

I am really happy with my results and what I have achieved and losing 1.5 inches of my thighs is huge for me, as they my hardest place to lose fat. Taking photographs is such a great thing as the scale and numbers don’t always show what a difference TT can make.

I followed Booty for Life which is a 12 week program so ideal for the 12 week contest, and I have really enjoyed it. There are some tough workouts in there they work you hard but you feel great afterwards. My old enemy the Bulgarian Split squats were in Phase 2 and no matter how many times I do them, they are still a killer!

This is always the hardest part for me, as it seems for a lot of people. The TT workouts are amazing and are so effective, but if your nutrition is not up to scratch then you won’t get the best results.
I have been using ESE once or twice a week and trying to eat clean the remainder of the time.
In all honesty my nutrition could have been better and if it had been then my results would have been better. But there are also times I could have gone completely off the rails and I have managed to avoid that.

Without doubt there have been challenges!! Mostly too much socializing which is just part of my life. The other thing is injuries, some exercise related and some not. (you might recall my little incident with high heels and a curb – resulted in me losing 2 toe nails!!)
But with all these challenges came the amazing support of the TT forum. I cannot say how much difference posting on the forum makes. Not only is it really good for putting your goals out there for all to see which gives you accountability. But the fantastic support and feedback you receive when the going gets tough is just what you need when you hit the hard times. It is more than likely that someone else has gone through what you are experiencing and can help you with advice, ideas or just a listening ear. I truly believe that without my forum buddies, I would have given up, but you know they are there cheering you on and helping you through.

Setting goals not only at the beginning of the contest but along the way really kept me on track, sometimes I even had to set myself daily goals, but taking these baby steps made it easier and achievable and worked for me.
My 12 week goal was to lose 12lb, which I have missed by a fraction, but I am back wearing my little brown dress and I feel fab in it! Also my skinny black jeans are actually now too big!
I can now officially do a chin up!! In fact I can do 3 in a row- this is such a buzz for me, I feel so much stronger.
As a another bonus I have been selected as Member of the Month at my gym which gives me chance to spread the TT word even more!

Thanks Craig for designing such fantastic programmes and continuing to give us your support. And a huge thank you to my lovely TT friends, I could not have done it without you all.

I mentioned on the forum one day about me taking the scenic route, by this I meant I was taking a detour here and there along the way. This seemed to hit a chord with a few and sort of became our little joke, but hey we got there and sure enjoyed the journey on the way!

So that’s the 12 weeks over and done with, now it’s onwards & upwards I am really looking forward to the next contest and meeting up with old friends to continue my TT journey. Who knows I might even take the direct route next time!!

Thanks again to everyone who helped me along the way with your support, advice and encouragement.

Cheers for now Katie

for some reason my upload of the photos is failing, so I have also emailed my entry I will try again to upload the photos, maybe they are too big?
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 12weekfront(1).jpg (92.2 KB, 52 views)
File Type: jpg back12wk(3).jpg (92.2 KB, 25 views)
File Type: jpg side12wk(2).jpg (95.5 KB, 25 views)
File Type: jpg beforeback(1).JPG (95.9 KB, 21 views)
File Type: jpg beforefront(1).JPG (93.8 KB, 43 views)

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Old 08-23-2011, 06:12 AM
galaxy galaxy is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 1,092
Default Kev's 12 week entry (Mr Galaxy)

Kev, Male aged 38

Hi, this is my first TT contest and I have always been amazed by the results everyone achieves using these TT workouts. I decided it was time for me to try and get the physique that I have always wanted.

My wife, Kate (Galaxy) initially told me she had joined this TT forum and had printed off some new programmes to help get herself into shape. To be honest I thought it wasn't going to work and would be a complete waste of money. It was something she would only do for a few weeks and then forget about it and go back to her old ways.

How wrong could I have been..!!! Kate did the 9th Transformation and had fantastic results.

I have always maintained a good level of fitness, but never seemed to be able to get the results I truly wanted. This was probably due to a bad diet as I tend to think I can eat what I want because I have been to the gym to work out….WRONG

The start of the 11th Tranformation contest was here and it began with photos being taken and some measuring also needed to be done. It has also taken 12 weeks of dedication, with the odd bad day here and there..!!

Here are my before and after figures.

Day 1 Day 84 Loss

Weight 83.7 kg 81.1 kg -2.6 kg

Waist: 35.5” 34.4” -1.1”

Gluteal 38.5” 37.5” -1”

Body Fat: 20.6% 12.3% -8.3%

BMI 27.8 26.9 -.9

Skin Fold
total 47.3 mm 26.9 mm -19.8 mm

Day 1 Day 84 Gain

Bicep (relaxed) 13” 13.5” +1”

Bicep (flexed) 13 ¾” 14.5” +¾”

Chest 39” 40 ¾” +1 ¾”

I am really pleased with my results and have definitely seen a change over the past 12 weeks. I know this is only the beginning of my transformation and I intend to keep enjoying the fantastic workouts Craig has developed.

TT Programmes
The first couple of weeks of the contest were difficult for me as I injured my knee playing football and struggled to walk never mind going to the gym so didn’t really get into the right frame of mind.

I then started on one of my favourite programmes 'Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks.' This is a fantastic programme and seemed to kick start me on my journey. I then moved onto the Meatheads training programmes and once again found these were fantastic and believe it or not I enjoyed them more than the 'Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks.' It’s hard to imagine I know.

This is the demon side for me..!!

My eating has been a lot better for the past 12 weeks (apart from the odd party here and there) and I am now being careful with my portion sizes. I am also watching what I eat and making sure that I log it in my food diary. This has been a great help to me as I can see that if I do want to have a treat then it will not take me over my allotted calories for the day. I have become more accountable for what I eat and this is where I feel most proud.

I have lost 2.6 kg's over the past 12 weeks and I have noticed the change in my waist as I have moved down a notch on my belt. This is always a good way of seeing if you are doing well or not. It is also a good confidence booster as it is an instant result you can see. J

My aim is to continue to do my food diary and hold myself accountable for what I eat. As Craig always say, you cannot out train a bad diet.

I am really proud that I have completed the 11th Transformation contest. This is a great achievement for me and I feel great.

I have lost weight and inches from where I needed to (even men need to lose them ladies) and I have gained where I wanted to. ;-)

My wife Kate (aka Galaxy) has also completed the transformation contest with me and has offered advice and support along the way. She has also told me that I am not allowed that extra chocolate bar..!! L

Even though I don’t post on the forum, I enjoying logging on and reading all the posts that people put on there. There are some fantastic members who will always offer support, hints and tips to other members.

There is such a good feeling between members who all have the same goal, which is to lose weight and achieve the body of our dreams.

Thanks Craig for designing these fantastic workouts, and helping so many people achieve the best they can. If it wasn’t for the fab results my wife achieved I wouldn’t be hooked on TT either!

Cheers Mr Galaxy (aka Kev)
Attached Images
File Type: jpg before3(1).jpg (84.4 KB, 8 views)
File Type: jpg before2(1).jpg (86.2 KB, 15 views)
File Type: jpg 12 week after front.JPG (92.7 KB, 12 views)
File Type: jpg 12 week after back.JPG (92.8 KB, 9 views)
File Type: jpg 12 week after.JPG (93.3 KB, 21 views)

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Old 08-23-2011, 06:59 AM
GillianM GillianM is offline
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Default onwards and upwards!

Another 3 months gone just like that! It really is a small percentage of my life but so worth the commitment. I have been a TT fan and follower for awhile now. I really love the TT workouts. I also like that new programmes are always coming out. I like new challenges and constantly pushing myself. I joined TTC10 and didn’t focus on keeping the weight off afterwards. ‘Life’ and everything that goes with it got in the way and I lost focus and discipline. I was talking to someone recently who said to me ‘the definition of discipline is choosing between want you want now and what you want most’. So true! I joined TTC11 to get that awesome accountability that is so essential for following a weight loss programme. I mean if you have no one to answer to or no support then giving up is so much easier. Luckily, even when doubting submitting my essay the guys on the forum give me the kick up the ass that I needed. So here we go…

During the contest I have been exercising 4-5 times per week

So far I have done

2 weeks of TT Big 5 workout
4 weeks of TT xtreme depletion
4 weeks of July 2011 TT Buff guys and hot gals
2 weeks of TT clash of the Titans

Food - eating when hungry, stopping when full. I eat mostly natural, unprocessed foods such as lean protein (chicken, turkey and fish) tons of fruit and veg, low fat dairy products, and carbs such as quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Dabbled with cheat your way thin – did it in my own way though as I’m not one for following diets strictly (as they send me a bit loopy). For the last 6 weeks of the contest I did low carb Monday-Thursday. I included low GI carbs Friday/Saturday and had a cheat on Saturday night/Sunday (I will admit this was usually alcohol!). It was the scenic route in a lot of ways. But as far as I’m concerned the last contest taught me slow and steady wins the race. I feel I can maintain the results of this contest and also move forward.

The TT forum has been great. The support is unreal and having access to new workouts keeps it fresh. I like going to the gym with a plan and getting stuck in. Thanks Craig for providing us with the best programme ever! I wear my TT t-shirt with pride and think everyone should know about it.

Start weight 10 stone 11lbs
6 week weight 10 stone 2 lbs
Down 9lbs

Start measurements
Chest 37 now 36 (down 1 inch)
Waist 34 now 30.5 (down 3.5 inches)
Hips 37 now 36 (down 1 inch)
Thigh 21 now 20 (down 1 inch)

9lbs down and 6.5 inches off. Not too shabby! I have also put on some muscle from the body fat measurements.

My ultimate goal is to get below 10 stone (9 stone 7lb would be good!). I will keep going until I achieve that whether it is during another contest or not. I will also have more of a plan and keep on track after the contest. As Craig always says 'Never, never give up'. That's the plan!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg before2.JPG (61.1 KB, 31 views)
File Type: jpg after1.JPG (46.8 KB, 41 views)
File Type: jpg after.JPG (47.9 KB, 18 views)
File Type: jpg before3.JPG (55.8 KB, 14 views)
File Type: jpg after3.JPG (53.9 KB, 19 views)
'Instead of turning your eyes away from the difficulty, open your eyes to the powerful opportunity, choose to invision your own best outcome, then choose to do whatever is necessary to make it happen'

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Old 08-23-2011, 07:02 AM
GillianM GillianM is offline
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Default more photos

more photos from the contest


(note- the metro newspaper had a front cover on it which I forgot to turn over to show the date in the first 'after' photo)
Attached Images
File Type: jpg before4.JPG (50.7 KB, 11 views)
File Type: jpg before5.JPG (49.5 KB, 15 views)
File Type: jpg after4.JPG (33.7 KB, 18 views)
File Type: jpg after5.JPG (31.8 KB, 19 views)
File Type: jpg paper.JPG (27.4 KB, 6 views)
'Instead of turning your eyes away from the difficulty, open your eyes to the powerful opportunity, choose to invision your own best outcome, then choose to do whatever is necessary to make it happen'

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Old 08-23-2011, 03:20 PM
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Default Waleed's Contest Entry

This contest for me was just about crossing the finish line. The political situation and unrest in my home country made it difficult to focus on the last contest and not having worked out consistently nor being particularly careful with my nutrition, I decided to drop out. I was determined that for TT11, no matter what the final result, I would finish.

I started the contest with a particularly difficult personal situation - my wife and I lost our twin baby boys at birth - but I managed to work my way through it with the support of family and friends and made quite a strong start with one of my favourite TT workouts, TT Big 6. I completed nearly all the workouts and was feeling good about my prospects for the contest.

I then decided to really push myself out of my comfort zone and decided to give Bodyweight Cardio 3 a shot. I knew that it was going to be a tough workout and that there were some exercises that I simply wouldn't be able to so (pull-ups and chin-ups, for example) but I really wanted to try something new and intense, especially one that I could to indoors as it had become too hot to workout outside. I loved it. The workouts would leave me drenched in sweat and trembling, they would "hurt" and I couldn't even get past the third circuit in the circuit workout but I felt quite proud at having given it a shot and learning some new exercises I've never done before. My main goal remains reducing belly fat and this sort of workout was the exact prescription that I needed.

Then the problems began. About halfway through the contest, my energy levels started to fall, I would have vertigo most of the time, felt lethargic and sleepy all the time and my fat loss stopped. I was eating right, sleeping enough and working out and yet feeling bad. Even after taking a few days off from working out, I felt just as bad. It turns out, it was a side-effect of medication I was taking for suspected gout. While I've taken this medicine before without problems, my doctor has recently increased the dose and this was enough to cause the side-effects I was experiencing. I stopped the medication and the symptoms began to clear up...when I got hit by one of the worst bouts of flu I think I've ever had.

The symptoms were very severe and I was hardly able to work let alone workout and to make things worse, the flu took about 3 weeks to clear up.

I was almost symptom-free when I developed an outer in middle ear infection. It was one of the work medical episodes I've ever had with excruciating pain.

So the second half of the contest was a total wipe-out for me but like I said, I was determined to cross the line no matter what. The reason I look so miserable in my "after" pictures is that I'm still in considerable pain and have lost all hearing on my left side.

While I finished the contest with no changes whatsoever, I don't consider it to be a complete failure for me. I tried a new, intense workout which seemed to be very beneficial - my skin (I suffer from psoriasis) would get noticeably better the day after the workout. My overall sense of well-being improved (second 6 weeks notwithstanding). I discovered the joys of jump rope as an off day activity and I introduced an arms and back workout with weights to compensate for the body-weight workouts.

As far as I am concerned, when looking at the big picture, I have made another small step in the right direction. And I will be back for the next contest to take the next contest - this time much bigger - step.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg BeforeFront.JPG (86.7 KB, 16 views)
File Type: jpg BeforeSide.JPG (89.0 KB, 9 views)
File Type: jpg AfterFront.jpg (88.3 KB, 15 views)
File Type: jpg AfterSide.jpg (85.9 KB, 11 views)
Powered by Turbulence Training

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Old 08-23-2011, 07:50 PM
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Default Lety

(This is not about me is about my sister Lety)

Hi, my name is Leticia Olvera I’m a 43 year old woman.

First of all I want to say thanks to Craig for creating Turbulence Training workouts, also I want to say thanks to my brother Julio, he is our personal trainer.

Today I can say that I’m a stronger and more dynamic person. I started working out about a year ago with some complicactions, my knees hurt, my hips and all kinds of aches. Now I still have some issues to perform some exercises but thanks to the support of my brothers and sisters I’m improving a lot in my technique.

Lots of people have asked me If I did surgery or what, you know gastric bypass,liposuction and that kind of stuff because they say that I changed the way I look in a really short amount of time.

Maybe my weight hasn’t go down as I expected, but my measurements have been significantly reduced, all my clothes were 3XL size and some blouses didn’t even fit properly, at some stores I used to buy size 24, now I can proudly say that I bought my first L size shirt =).

My pants were size 24, that was my best size in my life now it has gone all the way down to 18.
Now I can say that I love to Workout, I feel the compromise, I always look forward to my workouts, I love specially to workout with my brothers and sister, and the challenge every new workout represents.

Sometime I’m a very skeptical person, I asked Julio “Do you believe this is going to work for me?”. “do you think I’m improving?”, “aren’t the pictures photoshoped?”, today I can say that turbulence training works, I feel a lot better, all my body aches have been reduced and I can say that those pictures at the websites are real.

Turbulence Training is the best program ever I can say that:
“This program is not just for regular people trying to get ripped, it’s also for chubby people that want to look better”

Total Weight Loss 8lbs

Workouts Done
TT Fat Loss Switch
Bodyweight 1000
Bodyweight 1000 2K10
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Before1.JPG (72.6 KB, 10 views)
File Type: jpg Before2.JPG (72.4 KB, 7 views)
File Type: jpg After1.JPG (92.4 KB, 12 views)
File Type: jpg After2.jpg (53.3 KB, 10 views)
File Type: jpg After3.JPG (74.8 KB, 7 views)
"Never grow up"

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Old 08-23-2011, 07:55 PM
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Default Lety's Pictures

I screwed up the pics in the last post, please ignore them
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Before1.JPG (72.6 KB, 9 views)
File Type: jpg After1.JPG (92.4 KB, 8 views)
File Type: jpg Before2.JPG (72.4 KB, 8 views)
File Type: jpg After2.jpg (53.3 KB, 6 views)
File Type: jpg After3.JPG (74.8 KB, 7 views)
"Never grow up"
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Old 08-23-2011, 07:58 PM
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Default Ana

(This is not about me is about my sister Ana)

My name is Ana Maria Olvera Rodriguez, I’m 40

I started exercising a year ago. First I didn’t know if this was woing to work but know I can see and say that it works and works really well.
It’s a flexible program, comfortable and meets my needs.

It has helped me a lot with my self confidence, have seen some big physical changes. The best of all is that I’m not saying this, friends and family are the ones saying this.

This last weeks have been really hard, between social meetings, vacations and birthday parties my diet went not the way I expected.

The good thing of this lifestyle is that those bad days don’t affect my body as they used to. Some days I have skipped my workouts but every Monday I go into the gym with 100% motivation. I skipped a whole week and unfortunately the pain on my hips returned, but in the moment I started working out again all the pain was gone, there must be something with these workouts.
Since my early teens I’ve been suffering with some hormonal imbalances that affect my period, I had them every 3 or 4 months at best, but starting this you’re my period is now regular without any meds or any kind of training, the only different thing in my life is Turbulence Training.

Is sad that I didn’t reach my goal, there’s still a long way to go and I expect to reach that goal this year. My main motivation is to look back and note the transformation of my body. My overall health has improved a lot, have reduced my size. My body, arms, and legs look a lot better now.

Attached you can see some pics of my evolution from 2002 to this day.

The change is amazing and I know there’s still more to come.

I tend to depress when I think that I have not achieved anything, but after looking at this pictures I can see that really is a change.
It’s hard for me to believe that I have lost all this weight and sizes, but when I go shopping I note that I need to look for different sizes. I used to buy clothes at a store where the smaller size is 14, now I enter that store and they tell me that I won’t find my size there, I enjoy that, now I need to look for new stores.

I thank God first of all for giving me the opportunity to open my eyes, to learn to see me in a different and better way. I would like to thank my brother Julio my personal trainer for his patience, dedication and his effort. To my brothers Lety and Victor for being a good support team and good TT partners.
And specially thanks to Turbulence Training for making all this changes in my life
Total Weight Loss 6 lbs
Workouts Done
TT Fat Loss Switch
Bodyweight 1000
Bodyweight 1000 2K10
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Before1.JPG (70.5 KB, 12 views)
File Type: jpg Before2.JPG (66.6 KB, 11 views)
File Type: jpg After1.JPG (62.0 KB, 13 views)
File Type: jpg After2.JPG (61.5 KB, 9 views)
File Type: jpg After4.JPG (63.4 KB, 13 views)
"Never grow up"

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Old 08-23-2011, 08:01 PM
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Default Victor

(This is not about me is about my brother Victor)

Victor Olvera
Initial Weight:308 lbs
Final weight:297 lbs

Here I am once again, willing to participate and share my experiences in this journey, I’ll keep doing this until I reach my goal of 265 lbs before 2011 ends and have an athletic look that shows my overall strength.

Once again I thank Turbulence training and specially Craig Ballantyne for this opportunity and for all the tips and support with his workouts.

During this 3 months I did different workouts, my brother Julio supported me the entire 3 months, I’m really thankful with him for all his support and dedication. This day I can say that I’m stronger and my conditioning has improved a lot.

I did something really motivating for me, I jogged 2.5 km for the first time in many years, I jogged that in 25 min, but considering that I wasn’t able to jog 500 m without panting or suffocating this is a great achievement for me, the next step is to lower the time just a tiny bit.

I’ve been confronting some issues with nutrition, it has been really hard to keep the discipline, but I’ll keep trying I know that it’s a long and hard process but I’m pretty sure that I’ll reach this goal, my goal for the next contest is to control my nutrition and to keep incorporating Intermittent fasting.

It has been really motivating to reach the finalists in the 2 previous contests, that helped me to increase my effort.
Last year my waist measurement was 59” now is 53”. My weight last year was 356 lbs now is 297 lbs for a total of 59 lbs.

With baby steps I started feeling better with my weight and my body.
I know that with the help from Craig,Julio and with the support from my sisters Lety & Ana, reaching my goal will be a lot more joyful
I’ll keep forward and keep participating in this contests, be sure of that.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg VICTOR OLVERA (BEFORE 1).JPG (58.7 KB, 16 views)
File Type: jpg VICTOR OLVERA (AFTER)_august 22-2011.jpg (71.1 KB, 18 views)
"Never grow up"
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Old 08-24-2011, 03:05 AM
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Default Charles' 11th TT Transformation Contest Before and After

I decided to take up the challenge and enter Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training 11th Transformation Contest for several reasons. I wanted to finally transform my body and prove to others that I wasn’t too old to continuing working out. Some people thought that maybe I should just give up training all together because I had suffered a severe ankle injury which kept me from exercising for eight months. I had tried to exercise after two months after the ankle sprain but ended up stopping all together. I could feel the pain throughout my body. I literally had no lateral movement in my left leg and could barely lift any weight without feeling pressure in my leg. I made several comeback tries only to feel the same pain. I associated exercise with pain and eventually fell out of shape. Here is a picture of me when I went to private island resort in Indonesia. You can see how depressed I was .

My Turbulence Transformation Story by Charles Mclaughlin

I finally decided to rededicate myself again for another contest. I had previously entered another contest which I failed to achieve any results with which was truly disappointing. My wife had given up hope that I could change my out of shape body. I told her to try to think positive and lets come up with some solutions. I told her that Craig was having a Transformation contest and it’s about a month from starting. I told her I wanted to enter the contest and she said she would give me the support that I needed. We sat down a came up with a plan but needed to fine tune it before the contest started. I tried various dieting protocols and finally decided on a nutritional plan for the contest. I found a solution to lose weight and maintain my muscle mass without using any expensive muscle building supplements.

I had read about the Anabolic Burst Cycling Diet and Exercise (ABCDE) over a decade ago. I decided to apply this information in my diet but in a different manner. I had tried a high carb diet followed by a low carb diet. The diet seemed to work for a period of time but noticed my muscles were decreasing in size. Once, I started adding in some cheat meals my body starting losing fat at a quicker rate. I ended up losing eight pounds of fat within a six week period. It was the most amount of fat that I have lost in years. I used a combination of TT Meat Heads, TT Ultimate Fat Burning Program, and Clash of the Titans for the first six week competition. I had only six more weeks to finish the 12 Week TT Contest and I decided to drop the TT Meat Heads program. I used a combination of TT Ultimate Fat Burning Program and Clash of the Titans and I lost an additional four pounds of fat. I went from a 38 inch waist bordering on obesity down to a waist slightly smaller than a 36 inch waist. I wasn’t able to reach my goals for this TT competition but this doesn’t in slightest deter me of using TT workouts in the future. I feel that the programs were some of the hardest programs I have ever used. I forgot to mention I used Craig’s Bodyweight Cardio 5 minute rounds for a majority of my cardio sessions. They really helped me especially when I was in a bind and short on time. Sometimes I wasn’t able to make it to the gym and I would perform the exercises in my living room. I would highly recommend using the 5 minute rounds for anyone who is looking to lose weight without using any expensive equipment.

Overall, the experience of the contest was great. I felt that the forum members were as dedicated as I was which pushed me to train even harder. I ended up losing twelve pounds of fat and gained four pounds of muscle. I lost a little over two inches from my waist line. I am very happy with results that I have achieved thus far and plan on continuing my body transformation journey. See you in the next TT contest.

My Before and After Measurements
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 198 lbs to 190 lbs
Waist: 38 inches to 36 inches
Thighs: 23 inches to 23 inches
Arms: 15 inches to 15.75 inches
Calves: 14.5 inches to 14.5 inches
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