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Old 03-23-2010, 09:56 AM
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Default OFFICIAL FINAL ENTRIES for 7th TT TRANSFORMATION CONTEST's already that time. Can't wait to see your results.

Please also understand how proud of you I am. What you've done is amazing.

Now for those entries...

Please post your photos and your essay in this thread.

NOTE: This thread is only for final photos and essays. All other posts will be deleted.

DOUBLE NOTE: You can also email your entries to


Your friend,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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Old 03-23-2010, 08:42 PM
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Default Finished!

I posted my final results the other day to my thread, and here they are in the official results thread!

Well, it's time to post my results! But first, my last workout of the contest.

TT Big 5 Circuit Workout A3

Dumbell squat 40lbsx2/12 reps, 50lbsx2/10 reps, 50lbsx2/8 reps
Decline push-up 12, 10, 8 (toes on the bench)
Inverted row 12, 10, 8 (knees straight)
Dumbell reverse lunge 20lbsx2/12 reps, 25lbsx2/10 reps, 30lbsx2/8 reps
Stability ball jackknife 12, 10, 8
(20 minutes total)

Stretched and foam roller 15 minutes

Ending measurements (with change during 12 week contest in () )

Weight 160 (-10)
Chest 37 (-1)
Hips 39 (-1.5)
Waist 29 (-1)
Waist at belly button 32 (-2.5)
Upper thigh 23.25 (-1)
Calves (-0.5 each)
Upper arm 12 1/8 (-3/8)

Contest essay

I went back to San Diego for work during my last week of this transformation contest. I had attended the same conference at the same hotel in March 2009, but last year I never even visited the hotel gym. I ate whatever I wanted at every meal, and by the end of the 2009 trip, I felt pretty horrible. But it wasnít till May of last year, after a theme park vacation with my husband and daughter, that I really hit rock bottom in my feelings about the state of my body and my health.

While I enjoyed the uninterrupted family time, the rides and seeing my daughter meet all her favorite characters, at the same time I was uncomfortable in large summer clothes that barely fit me. Eating at huge buffets and daily junk food snacks didnít help. I tried to avoid being in pictures as much as possible that week, but when I returned home and saw our completed vacation album a few weeks later, I knew it was time to face the reality that I now weighed a completely depressing 180 lbs at 5 ft 4 inches. Swimsuit season was already upon me and I didnít even want to go to the neighborhood pool.

I knew it was time to do something about this situation. So I began to rollerblade on the weekends and ride the stationary bike or elliptical at night after my daughter went to bed. Slowly I made progress. My endurance improved and I lost 5 lbs, but since I continued to eat whatever I wanted, the results were not what Iíd hoped. In my mind, I could picture the body that I had in high school, and again in grad school, when I weighed 135 pounds and was a fit athlete. While looking for fitness podcasts to listen to while I rollerbladed, I stumbled upon Craigís Turbulence Training podcast series.

Craigís was the voice of reason that reminded me how I could get back to being that fit athletic woman. You would think that I would have remembered that I was fit in high school and grad school because I was lifting really heavy weights! You would think I would have returned to what I had done in the past that had been successful. But I hadnít. Why? I was working out at low intensity because it was easy, but I wasted tremendous amounts of time doing it-up to 1 Ĺ hours a day some weekends! The more I listened to Craig, the less time I spent doing that mindless cardio. I went back to short and intense interval training. I added weight training back into my fitness program, gradually working my way back to weights that challenged me during every workout. I wasnít following the TT programs just yet, but I did incorporate a number of exercises that Craig mentioned in his podcasts into my workouts-deadlifts, lunges, inverted rows. I dropped more fat, but I also started to see muscular changes in my body and my clothes fit better.

Craigís podcasts came with me on my iPod to work and on various work trips across the country. Even if I was following other workout programs or designing my own workouts, I was listening to his advice, doing the same basic strength exercises that are in the TT programs, and loving it. I was getting stronger with every workout, and I had dropped 10 lbs by Christmas, even continuing to lose weight during the dreaded nutritional black hole between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I stopped my daily snacking on the free candy in the break room at work by substituting healthier snacks, like peanuts and almonds. I packed my own healthy lunches and cooked on the weekends.

While listening to older podcasts, I heard Craig talk about his transformation contests, and the more I heard about it, the more I wanted to do the next one. I had missed TC#6, but when TC#7 came along, I decided to do it. I had my husband take my before pictures. They were far better than the awful summer vacation pictures but still humbling. I joined the website around New Years and picked my first program.

From that point, the biggest change I made was to write down everything I ate. Prior to that, I had been following a compliance grid for meals but not tracking my calories too closely, so I started doing that. Again, this was a habit I had followed in the past when I had fitness successÖso it was not too painful to pick it up again. Partway through the contest, my husband and I watched the documentary Food Inc and re-assessed our eating habits. We committed to buy more fruits and vegetables and organic foods (especially avoiding the worst chemical pesticide offenders), and reduced the quantity of our meat intake while increasing the quality of the meats we bought.

I posted my TT workouts in the forum all throughout the contest, and I check other peoplesí threads as often as I can. Lots of other participants have similar challenges to those I face-limited time, lots of fat to lose, young kids, demanding jobs and work travel. Itís been good to know that Iím not alone, and I wish I had more time to read and comment on everyoneís threads. I do know that if this process of becoming fit was easy, everyone would do it. It breaks my heart now as I walk along a beach or an airport terminal and I see overweight and unhappy people. I want to talk to them and help them, but I know everyone has to come to their own rock bottom like I did, and they donít appreciate you pushing them off the cliff if theyíre not ready to jump.

Itís funny, though, I almost left graduate school to study personal training, right around the time Craig started TT. I ended up switching fields and stayed in graduate school to finish my PhD. I guess some part of me still wants to help be the catalyst for fitness change in other peoplesí lives. So instead of randomly talking to people in airports who may or may not want to hear my thoughts, I have taken a different approach. Iím taking Craigís advice to be loud and proud of what Iím doing with the people I know and love. During this contest, Iíve talked to my husband daily about what Iím doing with my workouts, and have even inspired him to start tracking his own workouts in a notebook-which he admits has helped him get stronger. We alternate morning workout times so my daughterís wake-up time is always covered, and even work out together sometimes when schedules permit.

Iíve talked to people at work about working out, and Iíve even inspired one of my female co-workers who never did any weight training to start working out (with a trainerís guidance). Several co-workers have commented on my weight loss and I always talk about strength training and nutrition as key. My parents and in-laws have been showing recent interest in keeping up strength now that theyíre retired. My dad is back to working out with weights now, and we talk about it regularly. I think he actually likes me checking up on him! My in-laws have started on a bodyweight and strength training routine, under supervision by a health consultant. Iím still working on my mom. She is active and walks a lot, and I know she will come back around to strength training again, as sheís done it in the past and she knows the benefits. I would absolutely do this contest experience again, and I probably will when TC#8 starts. Maybe I can get Mom to do it with me!

OK, now back to San DiegoÖfinally. I went back this year to the same conference, same hotel, but in stark contrast to last year, I actually had a plan this time. I packed snacks for every day so I wouldnít be tempted by junk I should avoid, I watched what I ate carefully and wrote it all down, and I exercised every day! I did two TT circuit workouts from my current program, two different running interval workouts, one on the trail and one on the grass, and on off days I walked on the path that wound around the beach. I sat in a lot of talks too, and stood in the company booth for hours each day. Still, maybe it was because of the sunshine and the workouts, but for a work trip, it felt relatively relaxing. My room had a water view, and after workouts I stretched and did yoga on the patio while I looked out at the water.

The biggest transformation that I have experienced in this contest is the change in attitude I've experienced-feeling that I am an athlete again. I might not be the strongest, smallest, or fastest Iíve ever been, but Iím strong, fast and successfully losing fat. I lost somewhere around 10-12 lbs during the contest, and lost inches everywhere. I can wear my size 10 pants comfortably. Iím now a morning exerciser. I can walk up and down the 7 flights of stairs in my building 4 times! Congratulations to everyone in the contest as you finish up, and thanks to Craig for all your motivation via email and Facebook. Those daily messages really do help me stay focused!

Please see attached pictures in support of my essay.
Picture1-Me and my daughter in 2/09
Picture2-Yucky vacation picture in 6/09
Picture3-Walking in the trail this Saturday. Making up for unhappy vacation memories with matching Tinkerbell shirts!
Picture4-Starting picture
Picture5-Ending picture. You know the camera lies! I look a lot hotter than the picture would suggest.
Closeup pics of my newspapers from start and end are posted on my workout thread:


Attached Images
File Type: jpg Picture1a.jpg (33.1 KB, 52 views)
File Type: jpg Picture2a.jpg (56.1 KB, 53 views)
File Type: jpg Picture3a.jpg (68.2 KB, 41 views)
File Type: jpg Picture4a.jpg (47.3 KB, 109 views)
File Type: jpg Picture5a.jpg (56.8 KB, 127 views)
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Old 03-24-2010, 12:49 PM
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Default That's 53 for B.Jay D.!

Dunzo!!! I started TT almost two years ago, and I have lost a total of 53 pounds and gained a ton of muscle. I am truly in the best shape of my life by a long shot, and I feel like I can accomplish anything. Here are my stats and measurements for Transformation Contest 7.

Before Stats/Measurements:
Height - 5'11.5
Weight - 195
Bodyfat (caliper test by trainer) - 17.7
Chest - 41
Waist - 35
Bellybutton Waist - 36
Bicep - 14
Bicep flexed - 15
Neck 15

After Stats:
Height - 5'11.5
Weight - 189
Bodyfat (caliper test by trainer) - 14.5
Chest - 40
Waist - 33
Bellybutton Waist - 34
Bicep - 13
Bicep flexed - 14.25
Neck 15

I went hardcore with the workouts:
1- Y2K10
2- TT Adrenaline
3- TT Transformation 2
In all of my workouts, I focused on intensity, and when in doubt, I lifted heavy! I also added extra interval sessions in occassionally on either stationary bike or treadmill sprints.

With this transformation, I focused on gaining strength and building muscle while burning fat. I was not concerned with losing much weight, but I wanted to lose some fat and build some muscle. It's amazing that while I only dropped 5 pounds, I radically changed the composition of my body. I definitely accomplished what I set out to do. I had to battle a wrist injury for the last three months, and I actually scheduled surgery on it for TOMORROW so I could make sure and finish! That's dedication, holmes. Due to this contest, I have noticed a huge difference in the shape i'm in. THe past couple of weeks, I don't get winded and really don't sweat much until the end of the workout. In other words, I can put my body through quite a bit of stress without even breaking a sweat. With two little boys (4 and 18 months old) and a pregnant wife at home, being in shape is a game-changer. I feel so much better about myself because I'm the first to rise in the morning, I have tons of energy to help with the kids, the pregnancy, house work, my job, and then in the evenings I'm still energetic enough to play with the kids and accomplish so much more than I have in the past. I feel like hours have been added to my day. I'm not sure how great the pictures are, but I can tell you my face looks a good bit different. Instead of double-chin, I have a strong chin and muscular neck and shoulders, so the way clothes fit on me has definitely changed. I am also down from a tight 34 waist pants to a comfortable 32. It feels amazing to buy size 32 jeans. I was in a wedding recently and needed a size 41' chest tuxedo. The last wedding I was in only months ago, I needed a 44' Everyone at the reception went on and on about how amazing I look.

I have also really started helping other people by example. I let me friends and co-workers know I'm a bit of a health nut and workout enthusiast, and I have been asked to lead a group of women at work with their weight loss support group. I have also helped several friends start their fat loss journey, which is an awesome way to stay motivated and do some good at the same time.

This contest has also helped me mentally and spiritually. I have taken on a better attitude of seeking to do the most possible with my life. God has blessed me and my family with health and a good life, and I want to make the most of it. Training and being responsible with my nutrition has helped me and my family focus on how blessed we are and helped me to desire to reap the most possible out of my body, my relationships, my career, ect. Put simply, I am just in a much better place and I am happier than I ever have been. I was laid off from my job last week, an event that would have devastated me a few months ago, but I am so much more confident and faithful now that I have not skipped a beat and have viewed my situation as an opportunity to find a new career path that truly inspires me to fulfill my purpose in life.

Thanks to Craig for helping everyone transform. I truly appreciate it, bro.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg TT7e1.JPG (13.9 KB, 98 views)
File Type: jpg TT7b1.JPG (20.0 KB, 41 views)
File Type: jpg TT7c1.JPG (40.8 KB, 78 views)
File Type: jpg TT7d1.JPG (26.6 KB, 40 views)
File Type: jpg TT7f1.JPG (38.8 KB, 74 views)
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Old 03-27-2010, 12:39 PM
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This is my final TT Transformation Contest #7 Essay and Photos!

I have finally completed a TT Transformation contest and I couldnít be happier. I have lost 12 lbs and gained tremendous energy, focus, and confidence. Just being able to say that is huge progress for me! When I started I wanted to lose 25 lbs, so 12 lbs is only half of my original goal. In the past I have started TT transformation contests only to find that a missed workout or eating off track would derail me. Guess what? During this contest I missed several workouts due to being sick or even simply unmotivated and discovered that I really struggled with the nutrition aspects of transformation at times, but I did not quit. I learned from what my body was telling me and now I have a strong foundation for future challenges and continued transformation of both my mind and my body. In so many ways I am such a better version of myself than I was 12 weeks ago.

I am a busy mom of two great kids ages 7 and 4. I also work full-time. Winter is hard for me and this winter the weather was exceptionally bad. I struggled with several different illnesses due to working in an elementary school, missed work and got behind, and had difficulty with gloomy days leading to a gloomy attitude. Most winters that would equal a 10 lb weight gain. In the fall, by focusing on eating clean and beginning some exercise, I had lost 10 lbs and was starting to feel good. I started on January 4 at 187.6 on my 5í10íí frame. I ended on March 27 at 175.4. When I started I wore a tight size 12 and sometimes size 14. I am now buying everything in a size 10. My size 12 pants are falling down.

During the contest, I started out slowly with TT Beginner, TT Intermediate, and my final was T2K5 with some of the modifications suggested on the ttfatloss blog (posted right around the end of February). I am really excited to get into using my kettlebell more and even TT Adrenaline. I started out simply, but now I am so excited to have so many options to learn more about my body. That is what I like most about TT. I canít figure out workouts on my own. It is just so amazing to have so many to choose from that can really stretch you. I just love seeing what Craig is going to throw at us next.

I canít begin to explain how invaluable the information Craig is putting out there is to me. I read the ttfatloss blog faithfully and the nutrition content lately has been excellent. I started the TT transformation contest doing Eat Stop Eat, but for an emotional eater I was sidetracking myself on days off so I went back to 6 meals a day that I have done in the past. But after Bradís recent interview, I am ready to give Eat Stop Eat a try again. I really believe in his vision. I am also incorporating some of the vegetarian meals that Craig has posted lately. We have adopted meatless Mondays at our home (my husband is not excited but he is slowly getting on board as he has realized that there are some great tastes to explore).

I also think that having community is so important to fat loss and overall health. I already belonged to an online community, so I continued with that and did not get involved in the TT members forum here, but I think that it has so much to offer. Moral of the story, you need support and it is out there, go get it! You will be so thankful.

Again, thanks Craig for everything. I just love TT. I am a TT Transformation finisher!!!

Had some trouble posting photos so hopefully this link will work.

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Old 03-29-2010, 11:18 PM
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Default That was a fast 12 weeks!

My story isn't so different from a lot of guys... high school athelete, went to college and discovered parties, graduate, get married, get a career, stop working out, and discovered that you've somehow managed to pack on a LOT of extra weight over the years. It's not like I had completely stopped being active. For years I played sand volleyball 1-2 days a week almost year round, plus softball in the summer. Of course, the real problem was that there was almost always a beer in hand.

It wasn't until I was 37 and recovering from my 5th knee surgery that I really noticed how much I had gained... going from 155 to 213 pounds. The day I had to walk into a store to buy size 38 slacks was the day I knew something had to be done. I turned my diet around, started exercising again, and managed to lose almost 30 pounds before stalling in the mid 180s. That was 3 years ago.

Last March my wife and I welcomed our first child. By Thanksgiving my little guy had started crawling... and making me tired just watching him! When we found out that our second child is on the way, I realized that I had to continue if I wanted to keep up with TWO kids! The timing of Craig's announcement for the 7th TT Transformation Contest couldn't have been better. Here was a clear goal to get me back on track!

I've been following the nutrition tactics of Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle for a few years now. 5-6 meals per day, lots of chicken, tuna, egss, and fish, along with tons of green veggies and almonds. Day to day I eat about 500 calories under my maintenance amount. Every 4th day is a higher carb "refeed" day where I eat slightly above maintenance. I keep track of my diet on The Daily Plate web site. The accountability has done wonders for keeping me from straying to far.

I never cared for the old 3x10 workout routines given in the Burn the Fat book, so I generally didn't do them (yes, now I realize what a mistake that was). The Turbulence Training workouts just felt like a perfect match. I'll admit that I have a rather short attention span, but the format of the workouts and switching things up every 4 weeks definitely kept me from getting bored.

Since I wasn't completely new to working out, I started with the TT Intermediate workout. I couldn't believe how drenched I was at the end of the first workout! It was such a great feeling, I was hooked. After 4 weeks, I moved on to the Original TT workout. I had always thought of TT as just bodyweight & dumbbell workouts, so I was surprised to find squats in the program. Yes, I'm one of those sick guys who actually likes doing them, although following them up with DB split squats is brutal! I finished up my 12 weeks with the TT2k3. What an incredible pump workout A gives!

Like many, I didn't quite understand the importance of the warmup and have often skipped them in the past. An exercise like the stickup just didn't seem like much of a warmup (on paper at least). But I stuck with them. I can't believe the difference that one warmup exercise has made to my shoulders... no more nagging pain after volleyball! Not to mention the intervals have done wonders for my conditioning. I'm really looking forward to the summer tournament season and won't be hiding under baggy t-shirts!

My stats:

Age: 40
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 181
Chest: 38.5"
Waist: 35.5"
Thigh: 22.5"
Bicep: 13.75"

Age: 41
Weight: 165
Chest: 38.5
Waist: 32.75"
Thigh: 23"
Bicep: 14"

Many thanks to Craig for a fantastic program... and for allowing me to buy my first pair of size 32 jeans in over 20 years! I am definitely hooked on the TT workouts. They pack a lot of punch in a short time. After a well deserved week off, I'm eyeing the deadlifts in the TT2k4 program...

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Day1.jpg (29.0 KB, 79 views)
File Type: jpg Day84.jpg (53.7 KB, 93 views)
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Old 04-01-2010, 02:23 PM
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Default Crystal's TC7 Results

Well, I finished another contest. Frankly, I didn't really know what to expect from this contest. I had a goal in mind when I started and it all seemed like I had the right incentive to move toward it. To refresh your memory, when I started this contest I was in the middle of a divorce but had recently reconnected and started dating a really old friend that I hadn't seen since High School. This contest was to get me into tip top shape before we saw each other in May for the first time in 17 years.

Well, a lot has changed since then and although the trip out to Georgia is still on, the relationship is over and so is the friendship. The divorce is now final and I'm in the process of finding a house to live in so that I can move out of my parents' house. I've had a lot of bumps along the road in the last 12 weeks and through all of those bumps, the one thing that I was able to do was stay consistent with my workouts. The nutrition faded in and out occasionally, but for the most part, it was OK. I was really proud of how I didn't let all the drama get in my way for more than a day or two at a time. I was still able to keep up with about 3 days a week of workouts and occasionally go on a run or a hike to supplement it.

The transformation I made this time was not outstanding, but it was better than I expected it to be! I didn't really expect to see many changes when I looked at my pictures, but was pleasantly surprised by what I did see! During the last week of the competition I changed things dramatically in my diet and saw some excellent results! I wish I had made those changes sooner, but now that I have done so, I'm confident that my goal weight is within easy reach now. It should be noted that I did attempt an ESE day once but my digestive track got so screwed up from that one 22 hour fast that I won't be trying it again. This girl likes (and apparently needs) to eat!!

So, here are my starting statistics:


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 149.2 pounds
Fat pounds: 43.6 pounds
LBM: 105.6

Waist: 33.25"
Hips: 40"
Lower abs: 37.5"
Upper thigh at widest point: 23.5"

And here are my ending ones:


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140.8 pounds (-8.4 pounds)
Fat pounds: 37.5 pounds (-6.1 pounds)
LBM: 103.3 pounds (2.3 pounds worth of "junk" lost)

Waist: 31.5" (-1.75")
Hips: 39" (-1")
Lower abs: 37.25" (-.5" nemesis)
Upper thigh at widest point: 22.5" (-1"...whoohooo!)

I used TT2K10 to start with, Booty for Life in the middle, and finished with the Transformation 2 workout. All three are really good workouts and I enjoyed each of them!

Although this transformation didn't turn out as rocking as I had hoped, I am happy with where I am and where I am headed. I have gotten to within a pound of the weight I had set as my goal for this contest and I know that it's only a matter of time before I get to my ultimate goal. It may be coming off more slowly now that I'm getting toward the end of my weight loss road, but it is still coming off! Thanks to CB for giving me some great programs to burn fat and increase my strength, stamina, and muscle tone!

The pictures are below. I added a couple extra ones in just for fun! I wish I had actually done my hair and makeup before I took them, but oh well!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg End of TC7 Front.JPG (32.1 KB, 65 views)
File Type: jpg End of TC7 Side.JPG (25.5 KB, 30 views)
File Type: jpg End of TC7 Back.JPG (33.5 KB, 35 views)
File Type: jpg EndOfTC7_Fun.jpg (23.2 KB, 64 views)
File Type: jpg EndOfTC7_Fun2.jpg (22.9 KB, 85 views)

"Live for yourself...there's no one else more worth living for"

-Lyrics from "Anthem" by Rush
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Old 04-02-2010, 03:32 PM
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Default Mike's Entry

Final Stats:
Weight: 141 (minus 21)
Body Fat: 11.0 (Minus 6.5%)
Waist (1inch below Belly Button): 30.5 (minus 6.5)

TT Workouts used:
TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks


It is hard to believe that 12 weeks have passed and I have completed transformation contest number 7. I am a 39 year old male that used to run marathons. I am also a road warrior for work, as I usually spend 3 to 4 nights a week away from home. My travel schedule can make it hard getting workouts in or eating well, but I used this contest to really focus on eating well. I also dedicated myself to working out, and I did not miss any of my TT workouts.

I really like the structure of the TT workouts, as I can get in and out of the gym quickly. The workouts are also very well designed, and they are much tougher than they look on paper. I like how most weight exercises are done in super-sets, and the focus on intervals vs. slow cardio. Also, changing workouts every four weeks keeps things fresh.

I am thankful to have a very supportive wife, who has helped keep my diet in check. It helps that we both like eating and making food that is good for you. I have always liked fruits, vegetables and other healthy food, so it is nice to try a new healthy recipe.

Although I did not post on the much on the TT Members website, knowing that others were also completing the 12 weeks journey helped me stay focused. I did not feel alone in the contest, and reading others posts on the TT Members website provide me with encouragement.

I am very happy with the way that I look and feel. Last fall I had to buy pants in a bigger size. Well, those pants are now way too big, and I plan on never wearing them again. This last weekend I bought pants that are 5 inches smaller in the waist vs. the ones I bought last fall Ė now that is a good feeling!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Beforefront.JPG (58.5 KB, 90 views)
File Type: jpg After Front.JPG (60.7 KB, 95 views)
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Default Juiceball's Official Entry

36 years old, 6'3"

Start 1-11-2010:
205lbs, 35Ē @ Narrow torso, 39Ē @ Navel.
BIA Scale (Athlete Setting): 19% BF

End 4-4-2010:
175lbs, 30.5Ē @ Narrow torso, 32Ē @ Navel.
BIA Scale (Athlete Setting): 5% BF

Used TT Intermediate/Advanced
TT Transformation
TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks

Minus 30 Lbs, 4.5Ē @ the Narrow, 7Ē @ the Navel and 14% BF (by the BIA Scale) donít know about the accuracy of the BIA Scale but those numbers work out to almost exactly 30 lbs of PURE FAT lostÖ

So here I am, 12 weeks later and how did I do? Well I guess whoever reads this will have to decide for themselves, but I think I did pretty well. Hereís my story, in all its glory. Thing is, it doesnít start 12 weeks ago; it doesnít even start a year ago. I, like so many other people out there today have struggled with my weight since childhood. 30 years of being overweight. 30 years of thinking, ďMaybe I should do something about my predicament, but why? Iím not THAT bad off, am I?Ē
Then one day it happened. That moment of clarity you hear everybody else talk about who has made a positive change in their life. An epiphany or whatever you want to call it, but Life caught up to me, turned me around, and kicked me square in the gut.
I was working on a survey crew and had to take a rather long road trip to get to our site. The trip started off like all of our other trips before that one. Gas up the truck at the pump and gas up my guts at the convenience store. I donít remember exactly what it was that I ate that morning but it was probably something like a corn dog (or two), chips, a HUGE soda; and because it would be an extra long trip, probably a candy bar or something similar for good measure.
Off we go. Iím riding shotgun as Iím the crew chief so I sink down into my seat and my junk food. Itís not too long before the usual uncomfortableness sets in and I have to loosen my belt buckle. OK, same as every other day. Then the minutes turn to hours and now Iíve got my belt undone and the top button as well. A little weary, but itís a longer trip. So what? Now weíre going on 2 hours and Iím miserable. I canít get comfortable to save my life. Have the seat reclined, my belt undone, and now my pants are completely unzipped. Finally, some relief. Just in time to catch a nap for the last 30 minutes of the ride.
Now weíre at the site, have a plan of attack, and the time has come to exit the vehicle. Thinking nothing of it, I climb out of the truck and whammO! A cold wind hits my knees (Itís December in Montana). MY KNEES??? Yes, my pants had fallen to my ankles. There I am, on the side of the road and in front of my crew, standing in my skivvies.
Well, that was it. I was so embarrassed that I decided right then and there that something had to be done. It still took me a while to decide on a plan but eventually (three months later) with the help of a friend, I started a diet and exercise plan. And I stuck to it like glue. I became obsessive. My every waking moment was consumed with when and what I was going to eat (or not eat) next or when I was going to exercise next. How many carbs? How much fat? Should I walk or run? How much weight. Etc., etc.
I drove my friends and family crazy. I wouldnít shut up about it. It consumed my life. The good part was that the weight came off. Man did it come off. I lost 90 lbs between St. Paddyís day and Christmas that year (2005). From 292 down to 200. But I lost it so fast; I never really came to a good equilibrium. That Christmas I was pretty good but I gained some weight back. After the New Year I buckled down and lost what I had gained back plus another 25 lbs. I evened out around 180-185 but I was now working out twice a day 6 days a week. Cardio in the morning, weights at night. Hours at a time. I was still maintaining but at what cost?
I had no social life, as I never went out for fear Iíd be tempted. Not that I could have gone out since I was on the treadmill or in the gym most of the time. What friends I had were sick to death of hearing my rant on and on about ďOh, I can eat thatĒ or ďThatís bad for you.Ē I was not happy.
And thatís where I stayed. For three more years. Maintaining, but killing myself in the process. No life.
Then about August last year I took a trip. I told myself that I was going to take a break from the strict regiment I had been following for so long. So thatís what I did. I ate and drank whatever I wanted for a week and didnít work out once. It was great, at the time.
Ultimately, it was like a dam bursting. All of that pent up deprivation trying to get exercised in 5 days. I ate EVERYTHING in sight and couldnít fit into any of my pants when I got home. I was so scared; I didnít get on the scale for a couple of weeks for fear of how much weight I had actually gained.
About that time is when I seriously started to consider giving Turbulence Training a try. I had heard about it for a while and was taking all the free stuff that Craig gives out. But I never committed to the program. I thought I could plan my own workouts and maintain the results. I ended up zigzagging weight wise until the end of the year, went into Christmas OK but came out plump as the Holiday turkey.
When I got home I sat down and really gave TT a going over. What were my problems? Working out 6-7 days a week for 2 Ĺ to 3 hours every day. Highly restrictive eating habits. No social life. What did I get out of all that? So-so results. There had to be a way to get the exercise I needed and still live a fulfilling life away from the gym. A way to eat that allowed me to indulge (within reason) every now and then so the pressure didnít build up so much. ďTT just might be the way to go,Ē I thought. Then Joel Marion had a deal on one of his products that gave you a deal on TT and since I had been following some of Joelís ideas for a while already, I figured this was another one of those signs and I bought the program.
It was one of the best decisions I could have made. I signed up for this contest right away and went to work. That first week was like being on vacation! Three workouts per week? 45 minutes a workout? No way this is going to work! But I stuck to it and, as I hope my pictures will be evidence to, it certainly did work. 30 lbs later Iím leaner than I have been in a long time, I still have a ways to go but Iím going to get there. Thereís no doubt now. In conjunction with my own version of fasting, not quite ESE but ala Brad Pilon, Iíve been able to get out and be social, make new friends, just be happier, all while knowing that Iím doing what it takes in the gym and in the kitchen to get strong and stay lean. Iím in a better place now than I have been in a long time and all because of taking the plunge and committing to Turbulence Training! Iíve said it before on the forums (the workout logs are great for keeping yourself accountable) and Iíll say it again: THANK YOU CRAIG BALLANTYNE AND THANK YOU TURBULENCE TRAINING!!!

(I have more pictures but I think I can only upload 4) 4/6/10 - Saw others had 5 so I uploaded 1 more...
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"No matter where you go...There you are." - Bucaroo Banzai

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Here is my entry for TC7...
Start Jan 5th
Weight: 308
Body Fat (calipers) 48.73%
Measurements (inches)
Arm 18.5
Thigh 34
Waist 50.5
Hip 61.5
Neck 15
Chest 45.5
Calf 21.5

End: March 30 (difference)
Weight 294 (-14 lbs)
Body Fat 45.22% (-3.51%!!)
Arm 17.5 (-1)
Thigh 31 (-3)
Waist 48 (-2.5)
Hip 58 (-3.5)
Neck 14.25 (-.75)
Chest 40.75 (-5.5)
Calf 21 (-.5)
Total lost of 16.75 inches!!

All of my life I have been the fat girl, but I just took it in strides and never did much about it. Then as I got older, I gained more weight and started to have injuries due to my unhealthy size. I have had 2 lower back surgeries and vowed not to have a 3rd, as well as decided to get healthy and lose fat/weight in order to get full feeling back in my right leg/footÖand be an active mom with my very, very active boys.

Two years ago I joined the local YMCA and took part in their Weight Loss Challenge 10-week program with a small group setting and trainer. I have done 4 of them and learned how to do the exercises (including A LOT of cardio) and what to eat, but when the program was over, I was overwhelmed when I went back to workout on my own. I didnít know which part of the body to workout and the excess cardio just made me tiredÖso I gave up (WOW, I finally admitted it) and put back on most of the weight I had worked so hard to lose. I had it set in my head that I just was meant to weigh over 300 lbs and that was that! That has changed!!

During my time of being at the gym every day, I made a friend that was doing TT workouts and when I saw her in the gym I was in Awe! We talked one day and she asked me why I wasnít working out any more. I was honest with her and she mentioned TT to meÖfor about the 100th timeÖbut this time I was listening. I went onto the website and signed up, had my husband print the Original TT book for me, found a workout partner (who also signed up) and dove in head first!

We started with the Beginner (4 weeks), Intermediate (4 weeks) and Original TT (4 weeks). I didnít think I could do what my friend who was fit could do. I was WRONG! I started at the beginning and just kept going. Lighter weights at first and found out which exercises I needed to change out (with the help of the TT forums) since the some of the called for ones irritated my back. I built up my strength, even doing chest presses with 30 lb weights! I am also able to do some of those exercises that irritated my back before as my abs are stronger and will continue to get that way!

As I did more and more of the exercises and the interval training, my clothes got looser, I have more energy and I am a happier person! I still have a very long way to go to reach my ultimate goals and Turbulence Training is how I am going to get there! I no longer feel that I am meant to be over weight and out of shape. I feel stronger, physically and mentally. Thank you Craig and TT for helping me find the person inside that I had buried! With Turbulence Training, I will continue to discover who I can beÖand I will achieve my goals! Now I will be the person people look at with AWE!!
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File Type: jpg stacey back.jpg (61.7 KB, 36 views)

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Default Joel's results and essay

Well I'm finished with the 12 week contest. My essay and pictures are below.

I have known about Craig Ballantyne for years, ever since he started writing for Menís Health Magazine. I have always appreciated his training knowledge and his willingness to share it with others. I have recommended his TT workouts to many people, and I have used some of them myself at various times over the past few years. But even though I pointed many people to TT workouts for fat loss, I never really considered using them long term for myself, mainly because I thought they looked too easy. I was used to lifting heavy weights and going all out in an attempt to gain strength and mass at all costs. That kind of lifting left me bigger and a lot stronger, but it also left me with about 25 lbs of extra fat from bad eating habits, once I honestly evaluated where I was.

I decided I needed to get rid of the fat as efficiently as possible, while trying not to lose the strength and muscle gains I had worked so hard for over the past year. Based on the incredible results I had seen in others who used the Turbulence Training workouts, I decided to give TT a try. I found out quickly that the TT workouts are not ďtoo easyĒ, and in fact theyíre perfect for burning fat quickly while preserving lean muscle mass, which is exactly what I wanted. The workouts are based on non-competing supersets, and they use a combination of many different exercise types to work every muscle in your body. The big compound movements in the middle rep ranges give your muscles a good workout that actually makes them stronger, while the supersets and short rest periods keep your heart rate up the entire workout. Thatís a perfect combination. I found myself completely exhausted after many of the workouts, with my heart pounding like I had just done an intense cardio session, but I hadnít even done any cardio. Thatís when I knew that the workouts were pushing me to my fullest fat burning potential. In fact, my body often felt like it was on fire for several hours after the workout was over, and it was almost like I could feel the fat melting off throughout the day. And all of this was done in about 45 minutes per workout, three to four times a week. I combined the TT workouts with a nutrition program called Cheat Your Way Thin along with elements from Eat Stop Eat, and the results were very effective.

During the 12 weeks of this contest, I burned off almost 20 lbs of fat while preserving my lean muscle. I reduced my waist measurement by almost 4 inches without losing much from my chest and shoulders. I reduced my body fat by 5%, and I am getting close to my overall goal of being below 10% body fat. I posted my workouts, nutrition, and results on the TT forums several times per week, and I received feedback that encouraged me and motivated me to keep working hard. Having people to push you and keep you honest is critical to fat loss, and the TT forums definitely provide that support. Turbulence Training has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to get one step closer to my goal of a strong healthy body for life. I look forward to continuing with TT to finish up my journey and get under 10% body fat over the next couple of months. Thank you Craig and Turbulence Training!

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