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Old 04-29-2010, 10:31 AM
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Default Continuing the Transformation!

I am in for TTC #8! Still posting in my TTC #7 journal till May 3rd.

Programs I am considering for this contest:
Big 6 Circuit
BFW weeks 9-12

My goals are:

1. Continue the healthy eating habits I established in TTC #7-reducing meat intake, maintaining 7-10 servings of fruits/veggies/nuts-incorporating regular cheat days to keep metabolism high.
2. Increase pull-up/chin-up and push-up counts, concentrating on good form. I can do 5-6 chin-ups now, and 35 push-ups in a row. Obviously fat loss will help here...
3. Reduce body fat % from 26% (current) to 20%, which should be possible if I can reduce body weight from 153 --> 140 lbs while retaining lean mass.
4. Lose 2 inches off my waist measurement (current 28 inches --> 26)

That's it for now! I'll post starting measurements etc. on May 3rd.
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Old 04-30-2010, 04:39 PM
mooseyscraps mooseyscraps is offline
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Great goals!! You can do it
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Old 05-03-2010, 10:23 PM
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Default Starting today!

Thanks! I am very excited to get started. Today is my official start date. We're going to take pictures as soon as my daughter goes to sleep! My husband is going to join me for this contest.

Meanwhile, I work out on Sundays so I started my first TT Adrenaline workout A1 on Sunday just prior to the contest start. On Saturday I climbed a 25 foot rock climbing wall at my company's picnic, but wasn't really sore afterward, that was surprising! I used a very minimal exercise band to help with pull-ups yesterday because I am trying to perfect my form. It's a goal of mine to be able to do sets of 8 full pull-ups and chin-ups by the end of the contest. I can do 35 push-ups, and would like to hit 45 by the end of the contest.

I'm not planning on working my legs with heavy weights during this contest. They're muscular enough already, so I'm planning to do a lot of bodyweight exercises.

For TT Adrenaline A1, I warmed up for 15 minutes. Also, I have indicated (w) for specific warm-up sets.

DB chest press (w) 20 lbsx2/8 reps, 35lbs/8 reps
chin-up (w) 2, 4 full chin-ups with band
5m shuttle sprint 8s/12s x 3

Pike push-up 8 (yeah...that 15 reps? Not happening quite yet!)
Renegade row (w) 15lbsx2/8 reps (harder and less comfortable than I expected!)
Repeated jumps 12 reps

Close grip push-ups (sub for dips) 15 reps
DB rear delt raise (w) 12 lbsx2/12 reps, 15lbs/12 reps
5m shuttle sprint 8s/12s x 3

Stretched and foam roller for 15 minutes

This morning I got up very early and did my first TT Adrenaline recovery workout using the exercises for that day, including stretches, foam rolling, and a couple of light bodyweight exercises. I warmed up on the bike for 10 minutes, the recovery workout took about 40 minutes because I did some extra foam rolling, and I walked for a cool-down. All in all, a nice recovery workout. Tomorrow is workout B1.

I ordered a kettlestack handle, which you can use with weight plates to create kettlebells of various sizes. I didn't want to spend a lot to order specific weights, since I'm not sure exactly what size to buy and I like the idea of being able to customize the weight as I progress. I'll post more info once that arrives and I've had the chance to try it out.

Oh yes, and I bought a bikini to wear for my before pictures. Looking forward to using this contest to help make it look even better on me for the pool this summer!
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Old 05-03-2010, 11:00 PM
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Default Measurements

My measurements didn't change much in the past week and a half or so, but I've been less strict with nutrition for a short time so my weight is up a couple of pounds. I'm sure it is probably mostly water and I will drop back to 153 within the next week or so as I cut out the splurges. My goal for the contest is to weigh 140 by the end, which would be around 17% body fat if I maintain my lean mass.

Current measurements (change since end of TTC #7 in () ):
Weight 155 (-5)
Chest 36 (-1)
Hips 38 (-1)
Waist 27 1/2 (-1.5)
Waist at belly button 30 (-2)
Upper thigh 22 1/2 (-0.75)
Calves L 14 3/4 R 15 3/8
Upper arm 12.25 (+0.125)
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Old 05-04-2010, 10:16 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Default TT Adrenaline Workout B1

I should have mentioned that my current body fat percentage (according to Navy circumference method) is 26%. Considering I started out at 35% back in September of 2008 when I started exercising regularly, I am feeling a lot better about where I am now! I don't really care too much about how accurate that percentage is relative to gold standard methods of body fat percentage, I'm just focusing on using a consistent method to track my progress.

After my warm-up exercises, I did my first Adrenaline workout B, just one set to start.

Lunge jump (w) 3, 6/side
Inchworm (w) 3, 6
DB 1-arm swing (w) 3, 10/side

Bulgarian split squat 1 1/2 reps 10/side
stability ball jackknife pushup 15
DB swing 15lbs/20 reps

Stability ball jackknife plank 60s
5m shuttle sprint 8s/12s x 3

Stretched 10 minutes

I have three nutrition goals for the contest:

1. Eat 6-8 servings of fruits and veggies a day
2. Eat nuts at least once a day
3. Eat 1700 cal per day, with a higher calorie day every 5 days

I'll work on reporting on these goals for each day rather than tracking all my meals here. I also keep a food journal in a notebook that I leave near my place at the table so I don't want to make this too time-consuming.

Yesterday, Monday May 3
Goals met: 1, 2 Not met: 3 (~2200 cal)
I took a friend out to lunch for her birthday, but didn't know where we were going so I couldn't really plan ahead. I got a half portion salad but ate a really yummy sweet potato roll, so that did some major damage to the day (~700 calories total).

Tuesday May 4
Goals met: 1, 2, 3 (~1700 cal)
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Old 05-05-2010, 08:23 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Default Recovery day

Since today was a recovery day, I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, all my foam rolling, stretching, planks, etc., and 10 minutes on the bike to finish up. I am a bit sore in my upper back. I guess that must be from the swings!

Tomorrow is my first TT Adrenaline circuit challenge. I also have a 7:30 am conference call with someone in France. So it will be an early morning for me. Fortunately with Brian getting up early too, it's not so bad. He's following the TT for Meatheads workout right now. He thinks it's a lot different than what he had been doing before-much more intense and better. He said he can already feel the difference!

One more thing to report for today, nutrition goals:
Met all three with 8.5 servings fruit/veggies, 1.5 servings of nuts, and 1700 calories!

Every day now I seem to have at least one person who hasn't seen me in a while comment on my weight loss. It seems to me that the 20 lb mark is about when people start to notice. It's funny because most people ask me if I've taken up jogging. I always tell them about TT and interval training, and that research is showing that kind of strategy is much more effective than jogging or walking.
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Old 05-06-2010, 10:25 PM
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Default TT Adrenaline C1

Well, I did my first challenge circuit today! I only did one round and the bonus round. My goal was to do my push-ups with perfect form, and do the full pull-ups without a band for assistance, and I accomplished that.

Warmed up for 15 minutes then did the challenge circuit:
10m shuttle sprint
Push-ups (max reps) 30
10m shuttle sprint-repeat distance
Pull-ups (max reps) 4
10m shuttle sprint-repeat distance
Stability ball jackknife 20
Stability ball 1-leg curl 6 reps/side
10m shuttle sprint-repeat distance
X-body mountain climber 10 reps/side
BW Split squat 10 reps/side
10m shuttle sprint-repeat distance
Stability ball plank-30s
DB 2-hand swing 20 lbs/15 reps
Total time was 9:15 (I barely rested!)

Bonus round:
Push-ups 30
Pull-ups 4

So my Adrenaline challenge score was 34 - 9.5 + 34 = 58.5

I should be able to improve on that significantly when I do two circuits next week! It was a good workout.
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Old 05-07-2010, 01:18 PM
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Wow, great workouts, keep up the good work!!!
Stay strong,
"The loneliest words you'll ever know:
If only, if only it were so
The emptiest words that there’ll ever be:
It could've been me, it could've been me..."
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