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Old 12-11-2010, 05:05 PM
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Click on the thumbnails for full size images.

You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind.~Unknown

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Old 12-11-2010, 07:25 PM
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You know what, screw it!

Here goes...

Weight 146.8 lbs 132.8 lbs -14 lbs exactly!

Chest 33.5 32.5 -1

Waist 30 26.5 -3.5

Belly 36 34 -2

Hips 37.5 35.5 -2

Both thighs 23.5 22 -1.5

Calves 15.5 15 -.5

BMI 23.7 21.4

WHR 0.8 0.75

Argh! Reckless madness has taken over and at the last minute I’ve decided to enter. In the words of Ned Flanders, what the hey ho diddley heck.

So here goes an essay written about an hour before the deadline… (have I learnt nothing from mistakes made at Uni?!)

Where to start? Oh yes, I want to be fit and healthy. However there are two problems. Number one, I like cakes and beer. And a whole load of other things that are bad for me. It’s safe to say I’ve abused my tastebuds since a young age, and as a result give really good cuddles due to excess padding.

Problem number two; I don’t like exercise, or sweating (does terrible things to my hair). Therefore all pies and no play make Clare a wheezy roly poly.

I’ve been dieting since the Nutty Professor came out, whenever that was… I remember it vividly. I think the message of that film was that size doesn’t matter. Obviously the meaning was lost on me! But none of my dieting/exercise regime attempts have ever worked in the past.

Cue (drum roll)… turbulence training! (woo!)

I remember stumbling across Craig’s blog this summer and liked the sound of all the blender drinks (!), so kept reading and became hooked. Then I finally coughed up the pennies to become a member and started following the TT manual.

I know I’m preaching to the converted, but it really is awesome. Variety and social support are the keys to its success if you ask me. Oh, and it’s short and sweet. AND, most importantly, it delivers results. Even with my aversion to working out and sometimes chaotic diet, I’ve made changes to my body in just 3 months. I’m also fitter and stronger. If Johnny Depp walked down my street I’m now much more able to run after him and catch him in a big net, which to be honest, was one of my main motives for getting fit.

Of course, there’s still a long way to go! But, (and this is the big but), because of the social network, I believe I’ll never give up. In the past, I’ve lost a bit and then gained a bit, and then given up. And then I’ve repeated the whole cycle a few months down the line.
Well during this contest I had a pretty sticky phase about half way through, and I really believe I would have given up and undone my previous work if it hadn’t been for the TT forums. With such accountability, giving up isn’t an option. There’ll be tough times (Christmas, for example!), but the path from now on is strictly one way (I’ll call it ‘Clare’s one way street to looking half decent in a bikini’).

I won’t say much more (one has a tendency to babble), but I just need to give a big high five to Craig (and Bally of course) for creating a program that actually works. I will get to where I want to be, no matter how long it takes. Frodo didn’t set out for Mordor thinking he’d be home in time for tea. I know I’m in for the long haul and my diet especially is far from perfect. But I’ll keep plugging away with the support of fellow TTers (big shout out to you lot) and the huge varied resource of workouts Craig has designed.

With a big woo hoo from Bonnie Scotland



I promise I will post photos if I can get the bloody things to work! What do you do if they are too big?!

They've been emailed anyway. I hope they don't break Craig's computer.
And then my donkey fell down your waffle hole.
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Old 12-11-2010, 09:18 PM
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Default Victor Olvera

This is not about me is my brother's entry

Victor Olvera
Age 40
Initial weight 162kilos (356 lbs)
Final Weight 137 kilos (301 lbs)

For a long time I was an exercise guy, as a young guy was an athlete, played footbal at high school and college, also was a member of the Mexican Army on my early years, my weight back there was 152 lbs .

Without noticing it at 38 I’m an obese person weighing 356 lbs

Wento through a period of depression, eating a lot and doing nothing was part of my lifestyle under the influence of meds. Didn’t feel good, had to make a change

My brother Julio told me about his experience with Turbulence Training workouts and he offered to help me to lose some weight. Started feeling motivated

At the beggining it was veru hard I was used to excercise a lot, wanted to do the exercises but it was very hard. Here is where Turbulence training starts doing its job. It starts taking me through the way of the discipline, a ew lifestyle for me. I wasn’t sure that just a few exercises just 3 times a week were enough to make a change on me.

Turbulence Training started changing my life

Suddenly I started feelig fime with myself, joy and happines started feeling on me. Started wearing clothes that were extremely tight. It’s worth mentioning that during my obese years, just used 2 extremely big shirts.

After finishing the Introductory and Begginer levels, wen’t to different that are improving my strength and my conditioning (Big6, TT HC2K6,etc). I’m going to continue entering the TT transformation contests to keep my motivation going. My next goal is to go down to 220 lbs in the next 6 months, it’s a huge goal,but you have to shoot for the moon

It’s great to share my workouts with my brother Julio, he has supported me a lot on my weight loss journey

My sisters Lety and Ana also joined me on this journey, they have lost weight but the most important thing is that they introduced exercise in their lifestyles, that makes me glad and motivates me

Still have some work to do on the nutrition side, but I have to define clear objectives, it will help me to discipline myself, I’ll continue reading the TT advise on the Facebook fanpage

Thanks a lot Craig and Turbulence Training for all your advise, they are great and helped me a lot on this journey

See you in the 10th transformation contest

(The first 3 pictures are the After pics the next 2 are the before pics)
Attached Images
File Type: jpg tutifront.JPG (42.2 KB, 18 views)
File Type: jpg tutiflex.JPG (80.6 KB, 14 views)
File Type: jpg tutiside.JPG (46.8 KB, 12 views)
File Type: jpg TT_CONTEST_VICTOR_OLVERA_09-06-2010_front.JPG (14.4 KB, 18 views)
File Type: jpg TT_CONTEST_VICTOR_OLVERA_09-06-2010_Side.JPG (16.2 KB, 11 views)
"Never grow up"

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Smile 12 week results from Galaxy aka Katie

essay sent and photos sent before cut off will try to load photos here later cheers K - still 1 handed 1 finger typing!

Well what a 12 weeks this has been, can’t believe it’s over already and what changes I have made in those 12 weeks, mental as well as physical. This is the first contest I have seen through to the end and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions, challenges, highs and lows, but for sure an enjoyable ride!


Day 1 Day 84 Loss

Weight 141.2 lbs / 120.2 lbs - 21 lbs

Waist: 33.5” / 28 - 5.5 inches

Abdomen 38.5 / 36 - 2.5 inches
(across big part of belly!)

Hips: 40” / 36 - 4 inches

Body Fat: 31.6% / 25% - 6.6%

I am a 45yr old married Mum to 2 children age 7 and 10, both delivered by C-section, which does wonders for the figure! (not!!). I have always battled with my weight and have a history of eating disorders. I managed to stay pretty fit and managed my weight prior to children. But now I needed help. As I work in a School of Sport (as admin) I asked the advice of my colleague who recommended interval training. I googled interval training and came across TT. Initially I wondered if this was one of those internet scams where they take your money and leg it, I have a very cautious nature! I need not have worried and that seems laughable now as Craig is such an honest and respectable guy and the TT program is the real deal for sure.

After watching from the sidelines for a few weeks and trying a free TT programme I took the plunge and paid for the whole TT programme. Little did I know this would turn out to be the best $30 (NZ dollars) I had ever spent.

Buff Dudes/Hot Chicks – for 2 weeks before I got injured
2 weeks of a TT modified workout

TT workouts are sharp, short and super efficient, 45 –60 mins in the gym and you are out of there knowing you have busted your gut and made every second count.

On non TT workout days, I either walked, did Zumba, or did the Total body Ten workout, which became a firm favourite, and I know I will be doing this at the beach this Summer!

Craig says nutrition is 80%, so this requires work and it was always going to be the hardest part for me. I followed his guidelines of avoiding processed food, eating lots of fruit/vegetables, drinking lots of water and trying to vary my diet. Some days I rocked at this, some days I didn’t! But the difference this time around was logging my food on Myfitness pal, I religiously logged even if I had eaten chocolate brownie! To my surprise often my calorie intake was not as bad I expected on those days I didn’t rock. In the past I would have just thought “Oh well I have blown it now, I may as well just eat junk for the rest of the day”. But because I was logging my food I had a clearer picture of where I was at and was able to draw a line under it and start afresh the next day. It also made me accountable – a necessary evil!
The other thing that made a huge difference was the support of my TT buddies on the forum. Especially when you hit the hard times, the other members just pick you up, offer support and put you back on track. You also learn so much from them about nutrition and how to make good choices.

OK, as they say nothing is ever plain sailing and I definitely hit a few stormy times.

Weight loss plateau
I suppose my first big hurdle was around the 3-week mark when after having steady weight losses, it all ground to a halt. I hit a plateau and began to feel very frustrated, despondent and disillusioned. I posted my frustration on the forum and received the most amazing support not only from my fellow #9 contestants, but also from other TT members and of course Craig, who reassured me that I was on the right track and to keep on doing what I was doing. This support from Craig and the other TTers spurred me on and convinced me to keep going. After all I wasn’t going to reach my goals if I just gave up as I had in the past.

During the last 4 weeks of the contest I got sick and was put on antibiotics, which played havoc with my body. Over the 4 weeks I was as on 3 different types of medication some of which made me really sick and working out was challenging.

At week 10 I injured my hand/wrist in the gym. Initially this was diagnosed as a sprain, but I had also damaged the tendons, which apparently can take weeks to heal. This has meant I have been unable to do any upper bodywork as I cannot grip or do any body weight exercises at all. Once again the forum came into it’s own, I was at a loss as to how I could train. I posted under the training section and JP (Craig’s helper) posted an amended workout I could use. This meant I could continue my TT workouts and finish the 12 weeks.

Support/TT Forum
I truly believe that it’s essential to have some support during this journey, as without it I know I would have given up when I hit the hurdles.

My husband has been so supportive and patient during this transformation, even though he was probably not convinced I would see this through. He has worked around me and changed shifts so I could meet my training commitments. Even better, he has now become a TT convert and is working out with TT.

As you have probably picked up during my essay the support of the TT forum has been an invaluable resource and absolutely vital to my success. I am so thankful for the support of my TT buddies and of course Craig every time I needed help they were there. Thanks guys J

I am over the moon with my results, I feel so much better about everything, but I don’t think the photos really show the true differences TT has made to my life. Getting ready for work in the morning is no longer a stressful start to the day, trying to find something to fit. Instead I have the opposite problem, so many of my clothes are too big. I am fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn for 12 yrs even though I am still heavier by the scales than I was back then. This shows how good TT is, you lose inches and your body shape changes along with your mindset.

My colleague who measured my skin folds who works professionally in the fitness field is so impressed with my results they have signed up for TT.
TT has made such a difference to my life, it’s like someone has flicked a switch and there is no turning it off now. I feel confident that I now have control of my weight/exercise.

Even if I do go off the rails a little, it will never be to the same extent that it used to be, TT has got under my skin and I don’t want to blow all my hard work. I now have all these resources at my fingertips, all that knowledge and feel empowered knowing I have the amazing support of TT and all that it has to offer.

This is not the end of my journey, I definitely plan to keep on sailing and will be continuing the transformation in Contest 10!!

TT rocks, thanks so much Craig and you lovely TTers

ps sorry I am not smiling in my photos, we took them outside and it was so sunny I was skinting in the sun
Attached Images
File Type: jpg front start resize.jpg (16.8 KB, 43 views)
File Type: jpg forum photo resize.jpg (18.3 KB, 56 views)
File Type: jpg back start resize.jpg (18.2 KB, 32 views)
File Type: jpg back after resize.jpg (15.6 KB, 38 views)

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Default Men's Under 40

I have to say completing the transformation contest is a big deal. It is a huge reward in knowing that you can finish what you started. It works as a great measuring stick to see how you did in regards to your goals that you posted at the beginning. As well as a great way to redirect yourself and get back on course ever 12 weeks. Over the course of this contest I’ve had the chance to be introspective and see myself over the course of the year.

It was Thanksgiving (U.S.) 2009 that I decided that I’ve had enough and need to finally drop all this excess weight and change myself for the better. Let the real me out again. During the course of this contest I’ve completed my first 5 – 5K races of my life. Now I’m hooked! My wife and I plan to keep up with a one a month pace. We just finished one today in Seneca Falls, NY with a foot of snow on the ground and it felt great! The Turkey Trot 5k really meant a lot to me this year. It marked the 1 year anniversary of starting this journey for real. It felt absolutely tremendous to be running it 48 lbs less than I weighted the year before. What an amazing journey.

It hasn’t been without set backs and hitches. I stalled right after the 6 week contest. I know I got lazy because I felt like I had accomplished a lot during those 6 weeks. Took me about a week to snap out of it and get going again. This isn’t a sprint this is the long haul. I’ve learned just because I’ve lost 30, 40, or even 50 pounds, I’m still not healthy! There is more to go and I can’t let the old ways creep back I can’t rest and think that I’m done when there is still another 30 to 40 pounds to go. The mind is a trickster and wants to you to do the easy thing. You have to retrain it and say “NO! I will tell you when you are done and when it’s enough.” This when the forums play a huge roll. I never post very much online, however I read through them once or twice a week. It is a huge encouragement to see other struggle like me and overcome their trials and tribulations. It gives the rest of us strength to do so. I have to say it was the kind words of Jason and Catherine that gave me the biggest lift after the 6 week mark. Their two posts meant the world to me and I wanted to say thank you!

My last thought for everyone before I post my stats. FAIL FORWARD! It doesn’t really matter that you didn’t hit your goals. It doesn’t matter that you had a slip up day. What matters is that you keep working toward that goal. That when you get knocked down, you dust yourself off and get up to go again. If you keep FAILING FORWARD you will eventually succeed!
~That’s precisely what I’ve been doing over that last year. How else do you go from 270 to 219 ?

Workouts: Old School
TT for Fat Loss Beginners
TT For Fat Loss Intermediate
Orginal TT Workout

Now for the stats!

_______________Start____12 Weeks__Change
Right Arm_______16______15.5_______-0.5”
Left Arm________15.25____15________-0.25”
Right Thigh______25______24.75______-.25”
Left Thigh_______25______24.25______-.75”
Right Calf_______16.75___16_________-0.75”
Left Calf________16.5____16_________-0.5”
Weight_________243_____219.5______-23.5 Lbs
BF %__________28.3_____24.3_______-4 %
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 12wk Front Compare.JPG (42.1 KB, 21 views)
File Type: jpg 12wk Side Compare.JPG (35.2 KB, 7 views)
File Type: jpg 12wk back compare.JPG (35.1 KB, 8 views)
Nate Decker

"When we stop thinking and start doing we're energized. Procrastination drains us. Action makes us stronger!"

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Default Progress!

I submitted via email and will hopefully get the pictures posted here, but need to shrink them down first. Here's my essay...

Despite this being my second contest and being a TT “card-carrying member” for just over half a year, I have not shared the real reason that I was drawn to TT in the first place. Of course, fat loss was one of my objectives but until I got into TT I didn’t really understand how it could help me with that.

No; TT hooked me for two other reasons.

The first TT workout that I found and tried was a bodyweight workout for females. I have delivered two children by C-section; those children are now 2 and 5 yrs old. From these C-sections I carry a scar and of course obviously there is scar tissue under the skin. Well, that first TT workout called for a plank. It was probably only a 20 or 30 second plank. I’d never even heard of a plank before so of course I’d never done one.

I did that plank and I was hooked. Each time I did a plank for those first several weeks, I felt such a painful feeling internally at the site of and nearby the incision scar. But it was a good kind of pain; a healing kind of pain. So I did planks daily. Until I did that first plank, I did not know the extent of the scar tissue and muscle damage resulting from those two C-sections. I decided that if I continued with the overall bodyweight workouts that TT was prescribing, I would be doing something good for my body. And I’d be healing something that until that moment I didn’t even know needed healing.

The second reason I stuck with TT had to do with a call I heard between Holly Rigsby and Craig Ballantyne. The topic for the call was right on target for me – it was about getting that body back after pregnancy, particularly for women that had experienced one or more C-section deliveries. It talked about how despite the surgical damage sustained from a C-section, that it was more-than-possible to get back an abdominal region that didn’t speak loudly of pregnancy and C-section.

That prompted me to make the real leap to TT; to join the TT family and make this a way-of-life.

When I set forth on this particular contest journey, I set some simple goals. I’m not very good at figuring out what is attainable in a 12-week time frame, but I figured I could make progress on each of my goals and probably achieve or come close to achieving the desired weight loss goal. The goals were as follows: continued loss of belly fat around the midriff/abdomen (particularly the ‘baby belly’); increased upper body strength and general upper body appearance; slimming down of the legs (thighs); continued overall healthy eating and use of Eat-Stop-Eat; and a loss of an additional 7 lbs. To make sure that I could document progress on the baby belly in particular, I took my before photos in a bathing suit that sits lower on my abdomen (as compared to the last contest) so there was no way to hide the protruding belly. Not a pretty sight, but a sight that needed to be seen.

For the first two-thirds of the contest, I used TT Buff Dudes Hot Chicks followed by TT Synergy; both of these TT programs combine weight-training, bodyweight moves and interval training. In week 9 of the contest I injured my back (not from TT) and while it ended up being a minor strain, it took me out of training for a week. To play it safe, I eased back into my workouts with a beginner bodyweight program for women (TT Female Bodysculpting). I had so much fun with these workouts that I decided to wrap up the last two weeks of the contest with a bodyweight only workout. Phase 1 of the 6-month Bodyweight Manual is how I rounded out the last two weeks.

Progress, progress, and more progress!

One of the most interesting things that I learned about myself this contest had nothing to do with any of the goals I had set for myself. Rather, I learned something about my abilities. In the Bodyweight Manual Phase 1 workout, there are several unique intervals/cardio workouts. The first time I did the Phase 1 workout, I discovered that I had to run for 2 minutes at an ‘8’ and then drop my intensity to a ‘3’ for 2 minutes. Okay, so Craig is always talking about ‘long, slow boring cardio’ and my whole life the only cardio I’ve ever done regularly (unless playing soccer or running track) has been to speed walk. So while I have watched joggers move by at a pace that seemed quite slow for a run, for me, cardio was always about walking super fast. And I like it; I don’t find it boring. In fact, I still do it as my off-day exercise. However, I could relate to the idea of “long, slow and boring” based on the joggers I had seen. But what I also knew about myself was that as much as I thought those joggers were moving slowly, I couldn’t run that distance or for that length of time at any speed. I was sprinter. The 1 minute intervals already pushed me to the limit on running; running for two minutes was going to be quite a challenge.

However, despite my self-knowledge, I also knew that I needed to try this. How crazy would it be if I just ignored this new style interval? Maybe it wouldn’t be crazy, but it would be really, really lame. So I did it. I ran for 2 minutes. And I didn’t run like the joggers I see – I ran pretty fast. And I thought, “Wow! I can do this?!”. Then two workouts later in Phase 1 of the BW Manual I discovered that I had to do cardio for 15 minutes at a pace that I could sustain for that time, but it had to be fairly intense. Ok, folks; speed walking just wasn’t going to cut it for this requirement. So I ran. For 15 minutes. I am not sure that a real runner would even consider what I did jogging, but I did it; without stopping; and without looking at a watch, either. I was so very pleased with myself. And without TT pushing me to try new things and helping me build up my endurance, I would never have even tried to run for anything more than a sprint and I still would have *known* that I could not do it, anyway. But now I know that I can.

Based upon the goals I set for myself, the result of this contest that I am most proud of is the appearance of my legs. I have always wanted to see muscle definition on my legs from the side – it is a look that I’ve always liked but in my recollection have never had – and now I have it! With the new muscle definition also came the loss of most, if not all, of the ‘lumpy’ texture from the sides of my upper thighs. I don’t remember when I first noticed this lumpiness on my thighs but let’s just say that it had been there for quite awhile but now I don’t see it anymore!

In terms of my upper body, I have added muscle to my shoulders, chest and arms. My back is still a work-in-progress but I am hoping that with all the chin-ups, pull-ups (with assistance, yes) and push-ups that I am doing these days that this too will show continued muscle development.

I’ve lost 6 of the 7 lbs that I set out for my goal; I know it’s not really about the weight but about the fat loss so I was actually not sure whether I’d really be able to lose those pounds or not. I used ESE once or twice a week for ten of the twelve weeks of the contest. Halloween candy and a week-long visit to a family-member’s home over Thanksgiving where candy was freely available almost derailed my “healthy eating” goal completely. But, thankfully I hung on.

As for the C-section scar, internal scar tissue and pregnancy belly remnants, I’ve lost additional fat in the lower abdomen with a visible reduction in the belly. I can do a lengthy plank (beyond a minute) and without experiencing any pain. Although, if I haven’t don’t any planks for awhile, I do feel some pain when I start them up again but it now feels just like a little twinge that goes away quickly. Thus, although the healing continues, it has progressed tremendously!

Summary of my stats and programs used for the 12 weeks:

Weeks 1-4: TT Buff Dudes Hot Chicks
Weeks 5-8: TT Synergy
Week 9: no TT: lower back strain (not due to TT) – babied my back in the hopes that it would heal quickly; it did
Week 10: TT Female Body Sculpting (beginner program)
Weeks 11-12: TT 6-month Bodyweight Manual, Phase 1

weight 142 lbs / 136 lbs (loss 6lbs)
shoulders 40” / 42.25” (gain 2.25”)
chest above bust 33.75” / 34.5” (gain 1”)
chest below bust 30.5” / 30.75” (gain 0.25")
waist 28.5” / 28” (loss 0.5")
belly button 30” / 29” (loss 1")
below belly button (‘baby belly’) 33.5” / 31.25”” (loss 2.25")
hips (widest part) 38” / 37” (loss 1")
thigh (widest part) 22.25” / 21.25" (loss 1")

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And here are the pictures I submitted...
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Copy of IMG_9852.JPG (45.2 KB, 45 views)
File Type: jpg Copy of IMG_0635.JPG (26.8 KB, 52 views)
File Type: jpg Copy of IMG_0656.JPG (26.0 KB, 28 views)
File Type: jpg Copy of IMG_0650.JPG (26.4 KB, 38 views)

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Oops...almost forgot...progress made on the backside!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Copy of IMG_9858.JPG (44.2 KB, 24 views)
File Type: jpg Copy of IMG_0601.JPG (24.3 KB, 26 views)

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Default TT TC #9 Essay

Hi there everyone. I sent my entry in via e-mail because I was unable to get the pics to download onto here. But anyhows, I didn't lose much more after the half way mark with all that happen in the last 6 weeks. In fact, I ended up putting quite a number of pounds back on before waking up to myself and knocking over the obstacles,,, lol. Main thing is, I didn't quit thanks to Jason and Dax Moy. So anyhows, I thought I'd at least put my e-mail up here for reading. I hope you find it encouraging.

Hanging in until the end and beyond,



Hello. My name is Robyn, a 43 year young female from Australia.

12 weeks ago I was just like most females around my age who would love to avoid the inevitable challenges that come with getting older, such as stiff joints, weight and fat gains, increasing tiredness and irritability, general decrease of feeling of well being, increased responsibilities and less spare time,,, just to name a few. But now, I'm looking forward to a future of extreme health and fitness thanks to the Turbulence Training programs that Craig Ballantyne has made available. I was introduced to his programs by a work colleague who was using them and had fantastic results. He had gone from well overweight to very well toned in what seemed like no time. So I decided to start the programs myself to see what kind of a transformation I could achieve by using the various workouts. And the results have been incredible to say the least.

Just 12 weeks ago, I had ALL of the above and more. I had also recently had an operation which was part of the reason for me gaining alot of weight. But truth be known, I have been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life. However, this will definitely be the last of it since with the help and support from the discussions on the forums, I finally worked out why I was continually going through that cycle. Plus, I always thought that since I had been able to take the weight/fat off successfully before, it would be easily done again. Not so I'm afraid. It really is more of a challenge the older and more fatigued the body becomes when neglected. So I really have made up my mind to continue with the 'TT' lifestyle instead of existing with it just as a rescue remedy. In reality, it's much easier than living through the hell of loss of mobility, health, fitness, happiness, self-confidence and self-esteem. That's just way too exhausting. Not only that, I was looking as tired and as unattractive as I felt, and couldn't even see my own toes over my belly, or get into the car with ease. I was certainly becoming more and more depressed and not even interested in continuing with the major renovations on my house that urgently need doing. I desperately wanted ALL the various benefits back from my slimmer and fitter days so I decided to enter this contest with the long-term goal of achieving exactly that.


Craig suggested I attempt a beginner's program. So I eased into the Turbulence Training "101" for Beginners, then progressed to the "Buff Dudes, Hot Chicks" program, gradually increasing the weights, repetitions, and rounds, whilst being able to decrease the rest times in between sets. And finally I used the Turbulence Training Home Abdominal Workouts which I received in DVD form. They are much better than I had hoped for and made it so easy for me to do the short but challenging workouts which led to incredible results!


Craig also suggested that it's best to keep to the basics and steer clear of processed foods. So plenty of yummy fruit and fresh vegetable, nuts, seeds, and chicken and salmon were often on my menu. So were the cheat meals, usually about once or twice a week Combined with using the principles of Brad Pilon's 'Eat Stop Eat' which is based on fasting days which I did about once a week, I had the recipe for success, pardon the pun. Also as advised, I kept a very thorough diary of everything I put in my mouth. This certainly made a difference to what I ate, especially when I was not only writing it down for me to see, but also knew I'd be posting it on the forums for the other members to see.


During the twelve weeks there were a number of obstacles.

As I mentioned above, I had just had a fairly major operation on my stomach and wasn't fully recovered. But with starting out with the Beginner's program, I was able to ease into strengthening my abdominals once again, which was also helpful with my grocery stacking job at a warehouse. I also suffered a major back strain at work just a few weeks into the contest, and was ordered by the doctor to not do any lifting above 5 kgs (11 lbs) for 2 weeks. Although I wasn't able to do the resistance training, I was able to ease back into the high intensity interval training which was great for keeping my back mobile during that time.

I also had another lower back nagging pain for about a week, and had pulled my thigh muscles badly just 2 weeks before the contest was due to finish. I think it was just caused by not taking the advise of over-doing it with the weights, and then having my new 25 kg (55lbs) and over-enthusiastic Siberian Husky dog Cleo constantly jerk me forward via her leash,,, lol. And then had a lip, chin, knee, and elbow busting fall when she got over-excited when she spotted a large lizard and went for it, pulling me down onto stones and a retaining wall,,, lol. Then just 5 days later down at the dog park, I got my forearm in the middle of a dog fight,,, so down to the doctor's to be patched up again and this time get a tetanus shot which left my shoulder very tender. Oh well. With all that and having my house robbed and computer stolen a month ago, I was just about to totally give up. I had limited access to the forums and missed the support and encouragement of the members almost to the point of not really caring about the contest or workouts and nutrition. BUT, much to my amazement, I received a message from one of the members telling me to not quit, as well as an e-mail from health and fitness guru Dax Moy exclaiming the same. So I pulled myself up out of the quitting mode, continued with the workouts and good nutrition, and now feel so ecstatic and spectacular and look a whole lot better and healthier too.


Day 1 - Wednesday 22nd September, 2010.
Height - 5'4"
Weight - 156.4lbs
Chest - 41"
Stomach - 37.5"
Waist - 34.5"
Hips - 39"
Buttocks - 41.25"
Thighs - 40.5"
Left Thigh - 24.5"
Right Thigh - 25"
Left Above Knee - 17"
Right Above Knee - 17"
Left Calf - 14.5"
Right Calf - 14.5"
Left Bicep - 11.75"
Right Bicep - 11.75"
Left Bicep Flexed - 12.5"
Right Bicep Flexed - 12.75"

Day 83 - Saturday 11th December, 2010.
Weight - 133.8 -22.6lbs (10.3 kgs)
Chest - 38.5" - 2.5"
Stomach - 29" - 8.5"
Waist - 27" - 7.5"
Hips - 35" - 4"
Buttocks - 37.75" - 3.5"
Thighs - 37" - 3.5"
Left Thigh - 22.25" - 2.25"
Right Thigh - 23" - 2"
Left Above Knee - 15.75" - 1.25"
Right Above Knee - 15.75" - 1.25"
Left Calf - 14" - .5"
Right Calf - 14" - .5"
Left Bicep - 11" - .75"
Right Bicep - 11" - .75"
Left Bicep Flexed - 12" - .5"
Right Bicep Flexed - 12.25 - .5""

I feel so amazingly energetic, happy, mobile, strong, and exhilarated now and everyone is noticing. Of course I tell them it's because of the Turbulence Training programs and how easy they are to follow and get great results with minimal time involved. It's simply a matter of following the principles which Craig has incorporated into each program. Plus the support and encouragement on the forums has been phenomenal, informative, and even quite entertaining at times too.

Thank you so much Craig for your efforts in bringing brilliant and yet easy to follow programs to the fore-front. I now feel so much more confident that I have totally beaten my war with weight and depression. I'm no longer in constant joint and muscle pain, can fit into my once tight clothes, have heaps more energy and yet I'm calmer and more content within myself than every before. My enjoyment, ability, and enthusiasm for the renovations has even gone through the roof so to speak. These results are so priceless that I have registered a web-page so that I can share them with others who are struggling with weight, and will encourage them to join the Turbulence Training community.

If anyone reading this has ever thought that it's not possible for them to lose weight and become trim, fit, strong, and healthy, think again. As you can see from the above, with the time-efficient and extremely effective workouts, coupled with good, simple nurition, and the never-ending support, encouragement, and advice from the wonderful and helpful community on the Turbulence Training forums, IT IS POSSIBLE to overcome many forms of obstacles and be all that you desire to be and find an incredible vitality. It was a life turning point for me to learn the lesson of not quitting even in the most challenging of circumstances. I employ you the reader to do the same, and take up the Turbulence Training challenge so that you too can move forward and gain increasing health and fitness as I and countless others have.

Thanks once again Craig and God's blessings to you as you have blessed others.

Here's to living life to the full with enthusiasm now,

EVERY Day is Goal Day!

Loving Life, People, and our Amazing Creator.

My TT Blog/Thread -

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5'8" 155 lbs. 57 years old. My all time high weight was 236 many years ago. Always the fat little kid that got picked last in PE....


My long term goal is to stay in shape for my employment, and future retirement.

An intermediate goal is to stay in shape, to keep up with my
8 year old granddaughter who lives with us for the next year, while my son is deployed to Afghanistan.

Short term goal is to get rid of a little more fat.


Eat only at the table.
Stick to cals, figured at 145lbs, by Alan Aargon method (2247)
Limit late night snacks.

Well, those were are ARE still my goals and strategy. I stay consistent with my workouts and somewhat consistent with the nutrition. I still have a problem with SUGAR and night time snacking. We all have our little demons to overcome, even if some won’t admit it. So, I have "made" some goals and keep on working at the others.

Turbulence Training is lifestyle training, not only in Craig’s workouts but more importantly, how and why his information is presented.

Without going into a long diatribe, I just want to say that Turbulence Training has kept me on the “straight and narrow” and in line with my goals…….my mother always said “Can’t, never did anything".

For someone overweight and just starting a weight loss/motivation program, you are at the right place. You cannot shoot for the finish if you never start.

The forums are an excellent resource for inspiration and motivation, regardless of the workouts. I rely on this, as I have little support at home.

I just try to apply the KISS principle and keep it simple. That is what works the best for me.

I had to email my photos, as I took them with the webcam and they are too large for the system requirements…

Good luck to All,

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