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Old 01-02-2010, 12:10 AM
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Default My transformation journal

Starting stats

Date: December 27, 2009
Age: 34
Height 5' 4.5"
Starting weight 170
Starting body fat 31.4% (Navy method)
Approx. lean mass 116.6 lbs
Approx. fat mass 53.4 lbs
Chest/back 38
Hips 40.5
Smallest waist 30
Legs 24.25
Arms 12.5

My goal weight is 155. I don't want to lose any of my lean weight, just burn off some of the layer of fat covering it. I know my body type, and I'm trying to be realistic about this goal because I suspect I'll lose fat and gain muscle so the scale won't change easily. I don't expect to get back the body I had at age 18 or age 25, but I'd be glad to get back to being able to do pullups I used to be able to do.

First workout today: Workout A from Booty for Life

I work out in the morning at home and I don't always have a ton of time, so I am going to do my interval training after weight workouts when time permits, otherwise I will save it for alternating days.
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Old 01-02-2010, 05:30 AM
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Great to have you in the contest!
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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Old 01-02-2010, 01:31 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Default Today's workout

After a warmup, I did Booty for Life interval training workout A. I did the following exercises for my hard intervals, very fun, and got my heart rate up! (I have a NordicTrack elliptical and I do throw an elliptical interval workout in there occasionally for variety, but I guess it is my track and field history, I prefer the plyometric/bodyweight intervals because they go so much faster)

I did 30s per exercise with no rest (2 min total work time), 2 min walking between circuits for recovery, and did each circuit 3x

Circuit 1-hopscotch (15s per leg), alternating traveling lunge, spiderman climb, box jump (8 inch step)
Circuit 2-traveling squat to side (15s per leg), explosive step-up (8 inch step), stability ball step-off, 1 arm dumbell snatch

Cool-down 5 minutes on elliptical

I stretched and used the foam roller afterwards...for anyone who has not tried a foam roller yet, it hurts so good on sore muscles! I have actually packed it in my suitcase for work trips. Yes, it takes up half the suitcase...but is so worth it!

I have today and tomorrow...then I have to go back to work and super early morning workouts. I've been off since Christmas Eve, and it's been great to have so much time to focus on my workouts and nutrition. I splurged a bit during the holidays, but kept it in check for the most part. I always take Mondays off, so hopefully that will make the transition easier.
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Old 01-03-2010, 10:15 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Default Booty for Life Workout B kicked my butt...

And by that I mean it kicked my upper body, since there are no "booty" exercises in workout B. I am going to be so sore tomorrow! I can already feel it coming.

It was SO fun to be so completely humbled by eccentric pullups...NOT! I think I need to go back to assisted pullups for 2 sets and 1 set eccentric pullups until I am a lot lighter and stronger. When I used to do pullups in grad school I weighed about 140...that extra 30 lbs makes a huge difference, obviously! Argh!

Supersetted those horrid things with sets of 22, 15, and 15 full push-ups. That was a rough superset! I am trying to locate my old workout notebooks from early in grad school (10 yrs ago) so I can figure out my lifetime push-up best and make it a goal to beat it. I think I have a better chance at that than lifetime pull-up best.

Then wide grip seated row, 8 reps with 125, 140, and 150 lbs of plates added. (I forgot to put the second 25 lb plate on for the first set-oops-but with the wide grip I was not sure where to start. On a side note, I have no idea how much weight this actually is equivalent to in "real life." All I know is that putting 150 lbs of plates on my home gym pulldown rack is about equivalent in difficulty to 120 on a universal brand pull-down machine I tried on travel last month)
Alternated with dumbell chest press, 30/10, 35/8, 35/8

I substituted bodyweight row for the last set of dumbell rows because I was doing dumbell rows last month already and CB had mentioned in a podcast you could substitute those. I had never done them before TT but I love bodyweight rows, probably better than any other back exercise, but had been away from them for two very sad months. When I first did them I could only do the beginner style, but I can finally do them with straight legs, yay!
Supersetted with incline dumbell press, 20 lbs/10, 25/8, 30/8

I had not done any dumbell chest exercises in at least 3 months, and have been primarily doing pushups and T-pushups (which I love to hate) since them, so now that I know where I am with those, I should be able to push those weights up soon, unless the push-ups wipe me out completely. Glad those are only once per week! I will need the recovery time.

I stretched and used the foam roller after this workout. Which I think I am going to do again tonight, or in the morning when I drag myself out of bed, very sore. Or maybe both.

Tomorrow will be all about getting back into the work groove-hopefully eased by the fact that I always take Mondays off working out rather than Sundays. Time to read to my daughter and get her off to dreamland, goodnight, all!
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Old 01-06-2010, 10:47 PM
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Default Workout updates

I couldn't access the forum for a couple of days, but that's fixed now (thanks TT tech support!). I have been working out though so here's the update. I took Monday off, did Booty for Life workout C yesterday and interval workout B this morning. I am trying to get up early enough to do both weights and intervals in the same morning, but it's been hard to get up in the pitch dark and it's been freezing here in NC-in the 20's! There is also always the risk my daughter will wake up when I'm in the middle of the full workout, so it seems I'm destined to split them up for now. I'm OK with that because working out starts the day off on the right foot for me, and otherwise it's too tempting to sleep in on off days.

Workout C
dumbell squat 35lbsx2/8 reps x 3 sets
side plank 20s each side x 3 sets

dumbell rear delt raise 30lbsx2/8 reps x 3 sets (need to increase to 12 reps)
stability ball hip ext 12 x 3

I am not working biceps and triceps separately from back/chest so I did the substitution for those exercises that CB mentioned in a podcast:
Bulgarian split squat 30lbsx2/8 reps x 2 sets

Stretched and foam roller 10 min.

This morning I did interval workout B on the elliptical. I've had a cold and just didn't feel up to plyometrix intervals this morning.

Happy Wednesday! Only a few days left till the weekend.
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Old 01-07-2010, 08:37 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 654
Default Booty for Life Workout A (week 2)

I had a good workout this morning, my back and chest are finally getting over being sore from my first workout B. After warming up I did:

dumbell split squats 30lbsx2/8 reps x 3 sets
stability ball leg curl 12 x 3

dumbell step-up no weight/8 reps x 1 set, 5x2/8 reps x 2 sets
plank 60s x 3 sets

stability ball jackknife 12, 10, 12
stability ball rollout 12, 8, 10

Foam roller 10 min

When stepping up on a high bench, I have a hard time not cheating with the back leg so I went back to using very light weights for that exercise so I can focus on only using the stepping leg.

I'm still trying to get the numbers right for jackknife and rollout. 10 and 8 respectively were too easy, so I went back to slightly higher reps on the last set. I upped the plank time too.

I zipped a pair of work pants today that have never fit me before. I had bought them on sale thinking they were large enough and when they didn't fit I kept them anyway, hoping someday they would. I think within a few weeks, they will fit really well.

I'm eating lots of veggies and have been cooking lots of protein-packed low-sodium soups and stews lately. It's been a long time coming but I finally feel I have my nutrition on track.

It may snow tonight, which in central NC means everything gets cancelled. Here's hoping!
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