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Originally Posted by Jim Vellenga View Post
I'm still not clear, I was looking at 12 weeks from April 25th is July 18th. I am considering doing this, but I would have to finish out on the 16th of July. Missing out on 2 days is not a big deal, missing out on a week (if the end date is July 25ht) is a different story. I have a conference I am going to in May, but I could try to keep eating in line during it. Past experience tells me that I generally don't, but this might be motivating to do so. There will be some conflict in terms of training as I am working my cycling endurance up as I am hoping to do a 100K or maybe if my endurance training goes well a 100 mile, bike ride on my 50th birthday on July 16th (hence wanting to stop then because if I am doing either of those I will be eating a lot immediately after and weight will go up from water retention, at least that is what experience has shown me.

Hi Jim - You can start the Transformation Contest anytime between July 25th -May 1st. The contest is 12 weeks long. Just remember to have your before and after photos, measurements and essay submitted in by August 2nd, 2016 at midnight EST. - Lesa
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