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Originally Posted by weetamclan
Glad you're back! Don't worry about your weight - it will come down soon enough

Hope you had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to an awesome sweat-filled year
Thanks! I'm trying not to get down on myself. I feel like a broken record saying, "this time I'll really do it, this time I'll stick with it, this time I'll do awesome on my upcoming PT test."
But there it is, out there again... Saying what I'll do. 84 days of sticking with it, hoping it'll be habit and I won't have to start back at square 1.
Ringing in the new year with 2 of my kids tonight, a big festive junk food-palooza... Then game on in the AM. Trying to puzzle out the newspaper dilemma... Might just have to print out some online news.

Happy new year to all those who celebrate it!
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