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Still on track! I dropped 3 pounds during the week-water I'm sure but that's a start. I saw my sister yesterday and I haven't seen her since my father's Memorial in February and she said I look slimmer than I did then. So, cool.

I really like the longer intervals in the Booty for Wife program. I find that I have to make sure I'm doing them a a '7'. I think I'm so used to doing the shorter, kill me speed intervals and I tend to try to do the 2 minutes harder than I should. Probably an 8 which probably isn't a bad thing but there must be a reason for the recommended 7. I do make sure my rest interval is a 3!!

This morning post workout I had greek yogurt, blackberries, almonds and 1/4 cup dry rolled oats mixed in. It was a nice change from my usual shake. It was nice to not hear that stupid blender-They should come with a silencer!!
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