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Originally Posted by pageboy9 View Post
Once you've chosen your plan based on your history and preferences, there are some strategies to help you stick to it.

One of the most powerful ones that my clients and I use is committing your food every morning.

Craig posted this in an info-graphic, and I would add writing down what you intend to eat for the day to this list.

Top things to do that will change your life forever:

1) Get up 15 minutes earlier every week until you are getting up at 5am every day.

2) Spend 5 minutes in Big Thinking, 5 minutes in preparing your day, and 5 minutes in meditation/gratitude.

3) At the end of each day, identify your number one priority and attack that first thing the next morning.

Don't leave your nutrition to chance.

Planning and is definitely key, and finding ways to reduce stress. Need to break habits of eating late at night. I am pushing.
Blake Linklater
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