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Default Workout updates

Well, I was disappointed not to place after being a finalist, but the person I voted for won, so that was cool! I think I'll have better luck in contest #8 because I'll be a lot closer to where I want to be.

I did TT Gauntlet B3 this morning. I did two circuits today, in about 37 min total. I read that you should not go to failure on pullups or chinups if you want to increase your reps, so I didn't today.

After a warmup, I did:

1) Hanging leg raise-10 reps x 2
2) Stability ball plank-30s x 2
3) Stability ball rollout-20 reps x 2
4) Stability ball plank-30s
5) Stability ball jackknife with hands on floor -20 reps x 2
6) Cross body mountain climber-15 repsx2 x 2 sets
7) Side plank-45s x 2 x 2 sets
8) Spiderman pushup-10 x 2, 10 x 2
9) Chin-up/knee-up - 4, 3
10) Bulgarian split squat 12/side x 2
11) Pull-up 3 x 2
12) Shuttle sprint-30s x 2

Interval workout, 30s/45s
Explosive step-up x2
Dumbell swing x 2
Shuttle sprint x 2
Dumbell chop 5 x 2, 10 x 2
Cooldown/stretch/foam roller 10 minutes

After the workout I started feeling yucky with the stomach bug that passed through the family last week. Fortunately I didn't get it too bad and I'm feeling better now. Must be all the clean eating! By the way, we went to Jason's Deli tonight and I had never been to one of those before. They are like a dream come true for someone who follows CB's advice on clean eating. I don't think I'll ever waste my $$ anywhere else again. Organic mixed greens on the salad bar, and veggies that look (gasp) just like what I prepare at home! It was really good, and kid-friendly too. Hannah got her first loose tooth today, which was very exciting.
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