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Default TT Gauntlet C2

I did the second Gauntlet workout C of the month today, only two circuits, though-5 and 10 reps. I really don't know how I could ever get through 5 circuits (5, 10, 15, 10, 5 reps) in less than 45-50 minutes or longer! Circuit 1 took me 7 min and circuit 2 took 11 min, mainly because of having to do 10 pull-ups in two mini-sets with a rest between.

Anyway, after warming up:

1) Kettlebell snatch (with dumbell) 20 lbs/5 x 2, 20/10 lbs x 2
2) Bodyweight squats 5, 10
3) T-pushup 5 x 2, 10 x 2
4) Chin-up 5, 10 (4+1 assisted, rest, 4+1)
5) Prisoner forward lunge 5x2, 10x2
6) Decline close-grip pushups 5, 10
7) KB (dumbell) swing 20lbs/5, 20lbs/10
Foam roller 7 min

At lunch, it was so nice out (70 and breezy) that I did a hill interval workout. 10 min warm-up walk, 6 intervals of 60s intervals/75-90s recovery), and 10 minute cool-down and stretch. I felt OK for this workout, though I am starting to think it is something in this workout that is bothering my knees because my right knee hurt a bit today too. Or maybe it's something else, I am not sure. Oh well!
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