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Default Wow! Very excited to be a finalist in 7th Transformation Contest!

So I just checked the forum and saw that Craig had posted the finalists. What a great set of results everyone had! I feel lucky to be among that group. This transformation contest has been such a great motivation for me, and I'm so glad I did it. But more so, glad that I'm continuing the TT lifestyle after it's ended. I think I have finally convinced my husband Brian to join TT team Conners (inspired by other TT couples like Joel and Shanda and Jori and Mike)! Don't know if I'll get him to post on a thread here, but he admitted he's getting bored designing his own programs. He even wants to do the next contest with me!

Meanwhile, I continued on with TT Gauntlet this morning and took ibuprofen to help with the sore left knee. Fortunately, it doesn't hurt with straight movements (e.g., body weight squats), just lateral ones, so I was able to do my workout fine this morning. I did make a few adjustments, though-swapped out Bulgarian split squats for bodyweight squats and dropped the shuttle sprints for today. I did two circuits today, in about 35 min total, with Brian helping me do the assisted pullups and chin-ups.

1) Hanging leg raise-8 reps x 2
2) Stability ball plank-30s x 2
3) Stability ball rollout-20 reps x 2
4) Stability ball plank-30s (2nd set much harder-did knee variation)
5) Stability ball jackknife with hands on floor -20 reps x 2
6) Cross body mountain climber-15 repsx2 x 2 sets
7) Side plank-45s x 2 x 2 sets
8) Spiderman pushup-6 x 2, 8 x 2
9) Chin-up/knee-up - 4 + 2 assisted, 4 1/2
10) Bodyweight squat 20 x 2
11) Pull-up/assisted pullup-4 + 2 assisted, 3+3 assisted

My abs are already sore from this workout! Today was a great day nutritionally in terms of fruits and veggies, I had frozen mixed berries in my post-workout smoothie, melon, carrots, tomatoes, edamame, and mixed greens at lunch, and melon, summer squash, and mixed greens with delicious grilled BBQ chicken dinner. My daughter and I are getting the porch garden going since it's pretty warm in NC already, with all kinds of goodies planted and starting to grow. Yay!
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