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Default Workout updates

Yesterday I did TT Gauntlet A2. It was a good workout, and I was really tired afterwards!

1) Shuttle sprint-20s x 2
2) Prisoner Squat-25 reps x 2
3) Shuttle sprint-20s x 2
4) Pull-up-4 reps, 3 reps
5) Push-up-25 reps
6) Pull-up-3 reps, 2 reps
7) 1-leg squat on bench 10 repsx2 legs x 2 sets
8) Elevated push-up-15 repsx2 sides x 2 sets
9) 1-leg squat on bench 10 repsx2 legs x 2 sets
10) Underhand inverted row-15 x 2
11) Bulgarian split squat 1 1/2-12 repsx2 legs x 2 sets
12) Underhand inverted row-15 x 2
13) Sprint-20s x 2
14) Prisoner Squat-25 x 2
15) Sprint-20s x 2

I noticed my knee was a little tender on some of the prisoner squats, but it didn't hurt. Then unfortunately I did a bunch of outside work, some of which involved kneeling in the dirt or mulch.

This afternoon I did a hill interval workout, 5 min warmup, 6 intervals (90s/120s recovery), 5 min cooldown. My left knee started to bother me after that workout and it's still sore. So I'm going to give it a rest and see how things go. Lateral movement seems to bother it, but not straight movements. I'm sure I just pushed too much between yesterday and today. But this morning was just a disaster (Mondays usually are) and I really felt like I needed to do some intervals before a 2 hour meeting! Sigh. Hope my knee feels better soon.

I ate a lot of fruits and veggies today, which was good. But I did break down and have two small chocolate eggs. It's the time of my cycle that I crave carbs. I'm starting to realize that I have one day per month that I just feel overwhelmed, tired and crabby. Better to realize it and deal with it rather than not understand it!
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