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Default 4 weeks progress post!

Just finished up 4 weeks of Thermogenic 30!

Down 9 pounds and already fitting in to my skinny jeans!! New goal is to fit into skinnier jeans! (I'm in 33 inch waist and have not been in anything smaller since senior year of college, age 22 -- twenty four years ago!!!)

Weight is 174. I'm 5'3" and am amazed at seeing my stomach lean up the last month! I'd like to get into the 150's as my goal in these next 8 weeks. Going to add Biotrust Bellytrim XP to my One Day Diet when it arrives hopefully on Monday (if the caps survived the extreme cold!).

Starting Buff Dudes Hot Chicks tommorrow! Looking forward to it!!! When I previewed these videos back in September when TT2 came out I never thought I'd be able to do them!! So glad I have preservered and have not missed a workout since starting HWR in July!!!!! That's 7 months!!!! Longest streak in my life!! Now it's a lifestyle and I look forward to my workout mornings!!!!

Thanks Craig, TT Members and team!!!!

Getting lean and ripped in 2014!

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