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Things are getting crazy here. Itís crunch time.

We have a HUGE coaching session coming up at on Wednesday night. Over 3000 people are registered to attend. Thatís certainly the biggest audience Iíve ever taught at once. Itís going to be incredible.

The energy at ETR is through the roof right now, and I love it.

But before I dial in all the systems for go time, there was lots to do in the gym and for my upcoming Cardio book.

First, a 5am workout. It went like this:

1A) KB Swing
1B) Mobility

2A) Front Squat- new PB of 185x4

2B) Bodyweight Row - 4x15

3) Regular Squat 225lbs for 16 reps

4A) DB Split Squat
4B) Good Morning

And tomorrow is my first bench press workout in my transformation. Iím trying to get 2014 TT Client of the Year, J-Roc, to join me. He has a few injuries to work around, but he loves the program I sent him.

Second, we had a photoshoot for the workout section of my upcoming book, The Great Cardio Myth (pre-orders start next week!). It was easy. I made Missi Holt do all of the hard exercises.

Here are some pics of the behind the scenes photo shoot... and you'll be able to pre-order the book very soon!

Third, I had a Menís Fitness workout program to write up for my friend, Sean Hyson. Yep, Iím slipping back into Menís Fitness magazine. Good to work with some old friends thereÖ

Alright, time to get back to work.

Todayís Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
All the planning in the world is no good if you donít follow through. The great news is that the faster you go, the more momentum youíll build, and the easier it becomes. So just get started. Right now. Donít procrastinate a second longer. Take massive action today and Get It Done (GID baby!).

Get moving,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS Ė Join me in the TT Transformation Contest todayÖ

ÖI donít care if youíre a ďPROĒ and there is no Pro Category this time.

Itís ridiculous that youíd let a contest dictate your decision to improve your life.

Stop procrastinating and rationalizing your indecision.

Letís get to it.

Step up.

Join me here and Brother Mann here:


Itís time for you and I to play UP a level.

Letís go!
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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