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lets do no lighter than 155, 150 is too light for 5'8

thanks, and welcome back!

Originally Posted by Mark Rogers View Post
Hi Folks. This is the thread for my entry into the 19th contest, Pro category. I began yesterday, Monday January 6 at 173.4 pounds, 5'8" tall. It's been just over a year since I won the over 40 category shortly after my 40th birthday. Now I'm 41 and over the past few months I've really been pigging out. I hope to get down to around 150 by the end of the contest.

For workouts, I'm going to go through TT 2.0 manual. I started with the beginner level today. I thought it would be too easy, but I've taken a couple of weeks off working out and it actually kicked my butt. I couldn't even finish it; felt woozy. I huffed and puffed lying on the bed sweating for a few minutes; felt pretty rotten, really. I guess my cardio fitness could use some work. I'm all better now. I was going to just do a week or so before moving to intermediate, but after today I think I'll spend the whole month with beginner.

I took my pictures yesterday, but they aren't much to look at so I'll wait until later to upload them.

I'm following a strict diet plan, as usual. So far, so good.

Good luck everyone!!

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