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Default Look Out 190lbs!!

Today is my wedding anniversary - I was married 23 years ago today! On our wedding day, I weighed in at around 155lbs. I was running competitively, playing loads of ther sports and could pretty much eat what I liked with impunity. However, I was a skinny, scrawny 155lbs - not lean and muscular.

Fast forward seven years and I was working as an Instructor at Police College training new recruits. I was still doing loads of sports, eating what I liked but also drinking lots of alcohol which was part of the culture there. I was nominated to train as a public order instructor - riot and self defence type training. The course for this was very intensive and although I had all the endurance in the world, I was pretty weak. Consequently, I engage in some pretty serious weight training and gained 25lbs of mostly muscle in 3 months. I completed the course successfully and for the next two years my weight remained stable - still eating loads and exercising loads.

When my secondment to the training college ended, I returned to a sedentary job and we started a family. i did nothing to address my eating habits and had very little time to train. Consequently, the pounds piled on. Since the, I've remained pretty mch stable between 200 and 215 lbs. And I'm only 5'9"!! Over the last couple of years, I've been trying to reduce that, completing TT1 pretty successfully. But I seem to have a bit of a roadblock when I get to 190lbs.

So how is TT11?

Well, my ideal physique is Bruce Lee from Enter The Dragon or Brad Pitt from Fight Club. I would love to get back to running competitively but I need to get back to 160lbs or ideally lower for that to happen. Thus far I have been following the 6 month bodyweight manual although I've only completed the introductory and first phases. Having read other posts, I saw Catherine was following the Dukan diet which I'd never heard about. I researched it and it seemed a good fit so I've been following that since week 2.

And the unveiling......

Well, the most important thing is that I've made two crucial discoveries.....but you'll have to wait for my week 12 essay to find out about them!!!

My starting weight was 207lbs
My current weight is 190lbs

I'm confident that the discoveries I've made in the last 5 weeks will enable me to blast through the 190lb barrier in the next 6 weeks and that I'll be another step closer to that Bruce Lee physique!
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