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In 1936 Hans Selye carried out some ground-breaking research that described the stress response. This research greatly helps our understanding of what happens in our body when we train – how we become fitter.

Selye’s research showed that, regardless of the initial source of stress, the body reacted with a very typical pattern of responses:
• An initial alarm stage
• A period of resistance or adaptation (where the body gets stronger and responds better)
• If the stress is not removed or adapted to – exhaustion

Understanding this principle has helped me make sense of my struggles over the last 12 weeks!

I started my 12 week journey excited and full of good intentions – I knew that I had let my fitness slide over the summer due to the large amount of competing demands on my time and I was excited and motivated by the competition to focus upon my training again.

During the first 4 weeks I followed the TT Medicine Ball programme. Although I did not complete all my training sessions, I could definitely see that I was making progress. However, during that period, my situation changed at work and I had to revert to working a 24 hour rapid rotation shift pattern. The result of this is like living your life in permanent leg jag. Additionally, I had the expectation that I needed to complete all that I had been doing in my old job whilst doing my new one. I had not been working 24hr shift for about a year (just covering absences) and it was a huge shock to my system to start again. There is good evidence that suggests shift work is significantly more detrimental to the health of those over 40 than those younger. I haven’t seen that side of 40 for a good many years!!
In addition to that, Sue my wife has been involved in the set up of a new swimming school. As with any business struggling to get off the ground, there have been significant difficulties and that has created further stress at home.

I was feeling permanently tired due to trying to adapt to shift work and my training suffered because of it. For the last 8 weeks, I have been using Chris Lopez 10 minute KB workouts in an attempt to fit in some quality training where I could.

While my training stress has been low, the other stressors in my life have been something that I’ve been struggling to manage. You may have noticed my absence from the TT forum for the last 6 weeks or so. It has been a bit of a Catch 22 situation – I know that if I get more organised, eat better and train better, I will have more energy and feel better. However, I don’t have the energy to generate the motivation to organise my life better!

There is some light at the end of the tunnel. In terms of my shiftwork, I am getting to the point of adaptation. My sleeping has improved and I’m feeling less tired. I am feeling more motivated towards training and recovering better from it and looking forward to my next 12 weeks.

Starting weight: 199lbs
Body fat: 21%
Completion weight: 191 lbs
Body fat: 19%
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