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Up early enough to write breakfast down before I eat it:
2 omega 3 eggs over 2oz. mixed veg. 2T salsa, 1/3 cup oat bran w/1/4 cup sugar free maple syrup and cinnamon, 1 pear if ripe, otherwise 1C pineapple. I added a slice of ezekiel bread to dinner last night, but I'm going to stick with one grain serving per meal from now on in the contest. I hope to get over to fit day today to find out how many calories I'm getting, just out of curiosity. Very pleasantly sore from TT 2K8 yesterday. The kettlebell swings for intervals are a cool addition to my other interval options. I didn't have a kettlebell, so I did them with 10lb, and then 7lb dumb bells. I had to meet my son at the school bus so I needed to pick a weight that would allow me to get through the sets quickly. Yoga today for my in-between activity.
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