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Originally Posted by GillianM View Post
She's so cute.
My family at home just got two cats. I can't wait to meet them. We've always had pets in the household. We had our dog toby for 12 years. Such a wee legend. Still weird going home and him not being there. They really are part of the family.

Thanks for the tip on listening to how your body feels and learning to avoid foods that make you feel dodgy. I will listen carefully to how my body responds to different foods. I know wheat doesnt agree with me much so I will def experiemnt with other grains throughout TT10.

Have a good crimbo everyone! I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow so won't be on for a few days.

G xx
I was wondering just yesterday what the relationship between her and I will be in years to come, and how well we will know each other and our unique quirks,,, lol.

As per food, there are alternatives for the most part that are just as kind to the taste buds as they are to the tummy and waist line. It's just a matter of keeping an open mind, (such as the spinach in smoothies), and listening to what others have tried.

Trust you have a fantastic time in Barcelona, and look forward to your return.
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