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Smile Internet Fast

Originally Posted by hal1 View Post
Hey Leslie - curious - how did the internet "fast" go? Specifically, did it help you to break any bad habits and did you learn that you couldn't live without us here on the forums?
Welll, First off, it really ended up being more of a social media fast. I have all of my recipes and things on Pinterest and I have to confess to checking up on y'all a few times! I think the break from sharing my opinions online was a very worthwhile exercise. The world kept spinning, my opinions didn't cease to be valid because I didn't say them out loud(some even changed as I allowed a little time to think them through),and I got a whole lot done in my home! I think it's something I'll repeat. I didn't cease being sassy. That's in my DNA, but I did become more mindful of the fact that some things just don't translate well online when you can't see facial expressions or hear someone's voice. Now as to the contest. Trying to keep my eating in check w/out the accountability of reporting here was a bit of a train wreck. I did continue doing the workouts, but the diet suffered. Plus, I just missed y'all! Ok, that's the short answer!
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