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Originally Posted by cesium0122 View Post
Thanks! Which workout are you using first? I'm going to start with TT for Meatheads V.
Well, I'm currently working on the 6 Month BW Manual and it's the greatest challenge I've had until now from TT- especially because I have to stick with it for 7 months (6+ the prep phase) and stay away from weights all this time.
Don't know if you tried it but it's awesome- the first 2 phases are pretty much ok, but then it slowly turns into a vicious combination of BW circuits (10-15exercises per circuit) that you must do without rest btw sets. Later you are allowed for more often rest periods, but the exercises become more advanced (towel chinups, 1-arm inv rows) and there are exercises requiring for max-1 rep all over the place (sigh...).
Totally love it because it's so challenging. I'll be doing phases 3, 4, 5 during this contest and attack phase 6 in December!!
I promise I'll have a look at Meatheads V, I'm not so familiar with Craig's muscle building wkts...
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