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Originally Posted by LeslieM View Post
Are you still here?? How's it going?
Hey Leslie!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!! Still here, kind of...

Just got back from Disney vacation last night. Got in 10 min HIIT workouts while there. Today went back to a full Thermo 30 Gauntlet workout and just felt weak. I've been struggling with my full workouts since this contest started. Feel really weak, things I used to ace, like spiderman climb pushups, pullups, just feel really tough and I can barely get through a set. Don't know what's really going on... I felt strong going into this, after finishing up the Gain Muscle Lose Fat 2.0 workout.

My whole body is just really struggling, feeling really weak, knees achey...

Had a stomach virus which screwed up my system for about 10 days, still think that might be affecting me. Have a physical setup with my Doc in a couple of weeks. Gotta re-group and figure it out! I'm going to try to get a massage this weekend, maybe flush out some toxins. Did eat a off the plan a bit more than I should have while in Florida, so back to the One Day Diet for a couple of weeks and then will re-evaluate that.

Might look at a new program to start next week. I really want to try Mikey's Sprint conditioning workouts. Have a nice grassy hill calling my name...
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