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Originally Posted by Radz View Post
Well, missed my first scheduled TT workout today since July 1, 2013 today due to stomach bug!

After working out on Wed AM, I felt faint and had cold sweat. Went to Doc just to be sure and ended up getting the stomach symptoms (will spare details) so he said probably just a virus and electrolytes off. Just didn't have it in me to workout this AM, hoping tomorrow to get it in because we're off to Disney next week. I'm taking my Thermo 30 Gauntlet workout with me to get in before going to the parks!!! Condo has a nice gym supposedly!!!
Feel better soon! I was feeling like that yesterday too. I don't always get sick, but when I do I'm a big baby about it! I'll be rocking the amusement park tomorrow.(I need go find my fanny pack!) Since I won't be actively chaperoning the entire day, I think I'm going to see how many laps I can make around the park!(the rides all make me sick!) Maybe I'll throw in some finisher moves after each lap! Have fun at Disney and be good!
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