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Originally Posted by Radz View Post
Gotta keep Leslie company so I thought I'd get my post up!

So, I'm back in it, ready to go with no excuses and 110% effort! Perfect time of year here in Michigan USA with summer approaching and the pool and beach on the horizon!

Start Date: May 4th End Date: July 27th

WEIGHT 169.4 (Ouch!!! Up 6 pounds from end of last time!! Had a BAD week leading up to this Challenge. Too much processed, sodium ladened foods, and sweets!! Not good!! As Craig always says "You can't out train a bad diet!" LESSON LEARNED!). Did a fast on Day 1 and now back on track!

Waist 36
Hips 36.5
Chest 40
Shoulders 44.5
Thighs 38.5

Goal: I really want to see my abs!!!! My initial goal weight is 153, and will re-evaluate once I get there.

First Month Program: Thermo 30 Gauntlets -- been eying this one for awhile. I exercise first thing in the AM and really like 30 minute, 3 day/week MWF programs. And then on Saturday doing whatever I feel, like HWR or Kate's 1000 cal Fat Loss Accelerator if time allows and at some point TT Abs 1000 (I think that's the name)!

Eating Plan: Going to follow the MRT 3.0 ideas: Whey before 2-3 meal, green tea after, 1 oz nuts (ONCE PER DAY!!! -- my downfall last time, way too many evening nuts!!!), apple per day, green veggies with each meal. Not going to follow any crazy structured plan right now, just eat "Craig approved real foods", no sweets, probably BioTrust spinach and berry smoothies for Lunch on days when I can't get out of the office for a healthy meal. My biggest goal is too not graze in the evening.

I really like being a part of the challenge!! The accountability, focus and goals make working out fun!!

Plus, my 47th Birthday is on July 4th which is prime beach season and I plan on seeing great results by then!!
I didn't realize you were in MI,too. So glad to see the spring this year!
Good luck on the contest.
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