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We are in the homestretch for the 24th TT Contest.

Stay strong and push on!

I've been doing that here in Denver with boxed water, no Coke Zero, and even a stricter diet...oh, and a new personal best in the gym.

Monday was a CASS-Free diet day. I was exhausted by the end of it, still catching up on sleep from the big Info Workshop weekend. There was no training though, but there was today and I had some pre-workout caffeine that helped me fly through a great session. DOMS is already coming on strong after only 5 hours. Could be some slow walks to work this week.

Tomorrow might be CASS-Free, we shall see.

And since I'm back in Denver and working pretty much 12 hours a day and eating in my hotel room, I've switched over to the Vegan-Paleo diet again.

That should continue right through to Saturday night when I get back to the farm and ol' Bally the Dog. Hopefully he'll have rustled up some steaks.

BTW, here's the latest hilarious report on the ol' guy...he almost ran away again for the 100th time.

From Grandma B, his dogsitter:

Well we went for a walk down by the river and he is usually ahead of me and down in the river, when I looked up he was running on the other side chasing some grey four legged animal and would not come back. He chased all the way to the other bush but I guess he couldn't find it then so eventually came back. Thought he might have been gone forever.

I'll give him an extra belly rub on Saturday night...steak or no steak!

Now about today's workout. It went down at 5am MST in Denver.

1A) Speed Squat
1B) Mobility

2A) Deep Squat - 5x8 at 225
2B) Mobility

3B) BB Lunge

Rower - New PB... 250m in 52 seconds.

Finished with a couple of intervals.

That was enough.

Good times were had by all...including the woman I saw who was walking sideways up a stairmill while reading a magazine.

Now I've seen it all in the gym.


Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

Stay STRONG and true to yourself today, no matter what happens, no matter what anyone else says, no matter how they act. Everything ends at some point. Good times AND bad. So persevere through the hard times knowing they will be over and you will get through them, and be present and enjoy the good times with as much gratitude as possible.

Do the right things right now,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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