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Week four finished, which means I finished Thermogenic 30 2.0. I'm starting Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks 2.0 on Monday.

I've been doing 16/8 Intermittent Fasting for 3 weeks using a lower carb (15-20% of cals) approach and also incorporating a cheat meal once a week. I have done well with sticking with this plan.

I haven't really lost any weight and a small loss in my belly measurement. I had better results before when I had a bit more carbs (about 30-35% of cals), so I plan on upping the carbs but continuing with the 16/8 IF approach. I will do this for the entire time I am doing BDHC 2.0 and I hope it gets my fat loss moving in the right direction.

I am not sure what program to do for my last four weeks of the contest. I really like the follow along video's, but I think I have already done all of them by the time I finish BDHC 2.0. I have done the Home Workout Revolution 12 week program, TT 2.0 (Intermediate, Advanced & Expert) and just finished Thermo 30 2.0. Is there a follow along program that I am forgetting about? If not, then what program would you suggest to finish up with?

Thanks, and have a great week,
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