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Some uptades:


10h00: 1 banana, 1 kiwi, protein shake

13h00: 3 eggs, 1oz almonds, big salad

15h00: coconut milk mousse

17h00: workout =>

18:00: 2 bananas and protein shake

21h00: mashed sweet potatoes, chicken schnitzel, 1 glass of wine


Went to Enschede (almost Germany) to see a friend.

14h00: Kibbeling (fried fish commonly sold at open markets in NL)

15h-18h00: 4 beers

19h00: broodje kroket (deep-fried Dutch kroket, stuffed into a soft roll)


12h00: 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 kiwi, protein shake

15h00: chicken breast sandwich, 1 beer

19h00: popcorn

21h00: protein shake


17h00: workout =>

18h30: 1 banana, protein shake

21h00: gluten free pasta aglio e olio (coconut oil) with tuna


10h00: 1 banana, protein shake

13h00: 3 eggs, 1 mozzarella, big salad, 1 apple

20h00: 1 beer and pistachios

21h00: 2 chicken schnitzels, big salad, slice of pandoro (a sweet italian bread)

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