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Okay, started officially on Monday, did my pics and measurements, and got back to my workout routine after slacking off for several months, distracted by other things.

I'd been doing much less intense exercise, non-TT style activity, and I can tell! I haven't been so sore in a really long time. In fact, likely since the beginning of the last TC! But I'm back in the swing of it, and feeling good.

One thing I've started doing in the past few weeks which has helped a lot is change my morning ritual. I'm recognizing that I'm just really tight in the morning, and so my new routine is to stretch first thing while listening to an informative or inspirational audio. I love this new start to my day, and I don't feel guilty at all for not starting "work" right away, because this action is fully congruent with my goals of getting more flexible and rid of my back pain.

Has anyone else changed a routine lately that has made a big difference? Or even a small difference?
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