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TC12 Six Week Contest - Larmer Going for the Six Pack

Iíve two objectives in this contest, get a six pack and get my strength back. To achieve the former I need to get the calories down. To do the later I need to lift heavy. Eat Stop Eat is my primary way of getting the calories down and TT Meathead workouts are getting strength back up. Iím succeeding at getting my strength back my body fat is decreasing showing more definition in my body. .

I figure to get visible abs I need to get my waist to 80 cm or approximately 45 percent of my height. I have 4.5 cm (almost 2 inches) to go still.

The data so far:

52 years old
Height 183 cm (5í 11Ē)

Six Week Before Change
Shoulder 115.5 114.5 1 (3/8 ď)

Chest 98 96.5 1.5 (5/8)

Waist 85.5 88.5 - 3 (1 1/8)

Hip 86 84 2 (3/4)

Thigh 84 86 - 2 (3/4)

(All of the data is in metric except for the numbers in brackets that are in inches. There is some rounding error for the Imperial measure putting then in proper fractional form.)

More important to me is that Iím getting back my strength that I had in the spring of 2010. Using TT Meatheads VII and TT Bodybuilding Iím hitting my personal records again and setting some new ones. Iím seeing new muscle definition appearing on my body as I drop fat and build muscle at the same time. All of this despite having an injury, due to gardening work, which limited my lifting for one week.

Iím not at my goals yet but Iíll get there. The TT program will have me at my best shape of my life in time for Christmas. The best gift is good health. Thank-you Craig and Turbulence Training for giving me the tools to succeed.
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