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Default I Don't Quit!

Well, here I am at the starting line of Transformation Contest #8. I'm glad to be here nice and early because I have a lot of preparation work to do to get ready to kick off the contest during the second week of May.

I feel like I'm in a bit of "stuck" position in my life at the moment and I know that if I can focus on just one positive thing, like my health and fitness, the other things will follow.

I'm traveling to the US tomorrow for about 3 weeks (work and holiday) and hope to have some downtime and plan to refocus on my fitness goals, catch up with my reading and start working out again as well as improving my diet further. The worst part is being away from the family for so long and that's going to be tough.

Unlike previous contests, I'm feeling a bit unsure of myself this time at the start - perhaps not getting the results I wanted on all my previous attempts is weighing heavy on me.

But as the title of my thread says..."I DON'T QUIT!" and so I'm back for another shot and it's going to be good.
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