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You guys are all great - thank you all for your kind comments. You really have been a terrific support network. I feel completely at ease with this whole group of contestants that have been hanging out in this forum - your regular pats on the back have really helped me. I've also come to grips this contest with my inability to post as regularly as I'd like and I think the laid-back nature of the people in this contest have helped me with that.

I've been out of touch for a week now. It's been an interesting week. I took in a 20-something woman and her child to help her break out of an abusive relationship. I was her anchor to get away. I've been up late talking and encouraging her; trying to help her find self-confidence and help her to believe that she has made the right decision. It's been a rough week for her but she has turned a corner. When she confided in me a month ago that she had tried to leave but had nowhere to go, I checked with my husband and the next day gave her my # and told her to call me if ever that happened again. I got the call last Sunday.

I basically took this past week semi-off due to my shoulder injury and due to just being busy in general. I did my intervals once during that time - after my shoulder wasn't hurting any more. I managed a few lower body workouts that I made up by pulling together a bunch of exercises from various TT workouts. It will be more of that this week as I need to rest the shoulder until mid-week. It's felt great but I don't want to push it too soon. I am eager to get back to a full body workout. In May I'm going to leave BW workouts and get back to some lifting now that I have a few goals in mind (back and triceps). Craig recommended TT2K4; I peeled away from the manual after doing TT2K3 per my physical limitations and Craig's advice at that time. Now I'm ready to take on TT2K4.

Nutrition's been a little more flexible this week. I've not been going crazy or anything but I didn't write anything down (took a break from that, too!) and just made mental notes. I had a coffee-mint smoothie one day (YUM), a blizzard (DQ) on another day and a milk shake on yet another day. I guess freezing ice cream-like drinks were what I have been missing ! I've gotten it out of my system now and will tighten things back up next week. I have not, however, broken my Lenten promise of no candy...and I even have some in my desk drawer that people gave to me at work. It's actually not tempting in any way!

I just posted my essay and other pics as well (just within the deadline).
I can't wait to read all the essays that are up - I didn't read any in advance so as not to influence my essay in any way. It sure was a difficult essay for me to "find" within my mind. As the 6th essay within the past year, I suppose that's not too much of a surprise!

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