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Thanks Katie,

When I get discouraged, I just have to check back here to know that this stuff does work. It's not always a straight shot to goal land, but we will get there if we don't quit.

The knee that I strained through sprinting and over stretching in yoga is now back to normal. It was incredibly hard to give it a total rest other than easy walking, but everything I read on the subject indicated that rest was paramount. The silver lining is that I thought hard about ways to move that protect the knee, and I came up with "Baby Burpees" and "Easy Get Ups". the baby burpees take out the hop back and the jump, and the easy get ups are essentially turkish get ups with no weight. They make a good no impact interval combo.

All of my clients so far have been over 45, so it is a big plus when I can find exercises that have metabolic effects without being too hard to intermediate exercisers.

Slowly but surely I'll work back up.

Stay Strong everybody.
Fitness is Freedom.
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