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Hi Catherine

Life if a learning curve and we are never too old to learn. Just look at all the knowledge you have gained and advice you have given since you started TT.

So the dance/cardio stuff didn't work for you, that's OK, you know that TT does and you weren't really doing the zumba and stuff to lose the weight, it was more about your teaching and passing your exams etc I think?

You have your goal of your fitness competition that you want to enter next year and you know that TT workouts and the accountablilty of the forum will get you there.

In the meantime, you can keep throwing your words of wisdom our way, because we never tire of them and you have so much to give, it's fab

Keep smiling and keep at it,

see you in the next contest, thanks for all your words of wisdom along the way

Cheers Katie
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