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Bodyweight Manual Prep phase Workout B

Circuit x 3
1) Bodyweight Squat – 8 repetitions
2) Kneeling or Regular Pushup – 1 less than the maximum number of reps you can do
3) Plank – 30 second hold
4) 1-Leg Hip Extension – 8 repetitions per side
5) Side Plank – 10 second hold per side
6) Wall Squat Hold – 45 seconds (managed 30 s in each set)
7) Ab Curl Up – 10 repetitions
8) Bird Dog – 5 repetitions per side
9) Stick-up – 10 repetitions
• Rest 1 minute before repeating the circuit up to 2 more times.

Great way to heat up the body on a cold morning. Thinking the UK is going to go a bit crazy this weekend due to snow forecasts. Nothing compared to other countries snowfalls but we do not have the infrastructure to cope and everyone goes a little mad when the media issues warnings.

News reports have shops being cleaned out of bread and milk by people worried theyll be snowed in. While people fight over bread and milk, ill be at the fruit and veg getting some real food.

Will complete intervals when i get home from work, lunchtime finish on a friday so plenty of time to train and play with my daughter.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
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