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Originally Posted by neilg197 View Post
I took a bit of time to get going and what I achieved in basically 8 weeks for me was special. I now have a great body when before it was just good old healthy and working. I achieved my primary goal which was to strip my body of a lot of its fat. I now need more muscle on my frame.

Another thing I can take credit on is how much mentally stronger I feel right now, so much so that I feel I can do things that I struggled with 12 or so months ago. If I'd had a disappointment like this back then, I'd probably have been crying into a beer or bottle of wine. I feel I handle things much better now. We'll see how I get on these next 6 months or so which I know will be tough.

I now move onto the next phase of my life and personal transformation with confidence. I can do it, do it well, and next time I'll do it better still.

Neil, I think it's natural to have disappointment when you have set your goal on something. Like Deb said, who wouldn't. When that settles a bit for you, come back to these quotes above and REALLY read them, and let them sink in as to how profound they are and the importance of what they indicate, (moreso than any prize money) will keep you going in the future.

You had such awesome results even if you didn't place and it will be fun to be in the workout journals with you building some muscle over the next several months

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